Rats breed often and quickly, reproducing up to 2,000 times per year.
Even if you have a few rats get inside your home, it could mean a much bigger problem. Preventing rats overall is the best way to protect your home.

The Best Rat Poison

If you need to eliminate a rat issue quickly, you’re going to need a rat poison. Rats are attracted to the poison and will die upon consumption, making it a quick and effective way to get rid of them. But how can you determine which rat poison you should use when there are so many options available?

Whether or not you have pets and the location of your rat infestation will determine which poison is best. Below, we’ve provided a breakdown of the four best rat poisons available today to help you find the best product for you.

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Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx


  • Four pounds of bait should be enough to eliminate your rat infestation
  • The product comes with glue boards and a rodent bait station
  • Resealable bucket prevents tampering
  • Resistant to mold and moisture


  • Rats will need to eat the poison multiple times before dying
  • Not safe for use around children and pets
  • May not be ideal for indoor use, as users won’t know where rats die


This four-pound bucket of poison comes with four glue boards and a rodent bait station. We did not find any other products that arrived as part of a complete kit like this.

Our Review

Those wondering how to kill a lot of rats will have their questions answered when using the Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx. This kit contains four pounds of bait. It is a first-generation rat poison, which means the creatures will need to feed on the pellets over a few days before dying. There should be enough bait in the bucket to accomplish this.

We also appreciated the fact that the bucket of poison also came with a bait trap and glue boards. This all-in-one kit can help homeowners control a rat infestation. One of the problems with first-generation poisons is that there is no telling where the rats will eventually die. The included glue boards and bait station will reduce the likelihood of that happening.


Runner Up


JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide


  • Peanut butter flavor attracts rats
  • The company offers a one-year warranty on the product
  • The 144 bait blocks come in a resealable pail
  • More affordable than other rat poisons


  • Product weighs ten pounds, which could be difficult for some to carry
  • This is a first-generation poison that requires multiple feedings
  • Not safe for use around children or pets


This product contains 144 packs of one-ounce rodenticide, which should be enough to eliminate your rat infestation.

Our Review

The JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide is one of the best rat poisons available today. A bucket contains 144 one-ounce bait blocks. It is a first-generation rodenticide and holds .005 percent Diphacinone. Rats will need to feed on this product for five to six days in a row before it is useful. There are enough blocks in the bucket to do so.

Customers may want to purchase additional traps to prevent the rats from dying in unknown locations. Regardless, users will want to check the bait daily, as they’ll likely need to replace it frequently. This product is not safe for use around children or pets.




EcoClear Products All-Natural Killer Pellets


  • This humane method prevents the rat from feeling pain or discomfort
  • Made from vegetables and cereal grains
  • Death occurs in as little as two days
  • Safe for use indoors


  • More expensive compared to other poisons
  • Some customers said large rats were immune to the product


This product contains a unique vegetative formula that attacks a rat’s stomach lining. It is one of the only fast-acting poisons that is safe for use around pets.

Our Review

This pet-safe rat poison from EcoClear is attractive because it is all-natural. The manufacturer made the poison using vegetables and cereal grains, which destroy a rat’s stomach lining. Rats tend to eat ten percent of their body weight when feeding, but consuming as little as four percent of their body weight in the form of these pellets should kill rats.

Purchasing an all-natural option that is safe for use around children and pets is an investment. Additionally, this product does not contain a flavoring that’s attractive to rats, such as peanut butter. Some customers indicated they needed to bait this product themselves for it to be useful.

First Vs Second-Generation Rat Poison

When comparing rat poisons, customers are likely to find both first and second-generation poisons. Both toxins cause hemorrhaging in the rat. However, there are noticeable differences between the two. First generation poison kills rats gradually over time. Rats will need to feed on the poison for three to six days before the poison is deadly.

Second-generation poison, on the other hand, works instantly. Within a couple of hours of eating the poison, the rats will pass away. This is because second-generation venom contains much harsher chemicals. However, this could make second-generation poison much more dangerous to have around the house, especially if you have children or pets.

While you should call Poison Control if your child consumes or plays with either type of rat bait, the situation is significantly direr if they consume second-generation bait. Fatalities could occur within a matter of minutes upon eating second-generation poison. We recommend storing all rat poison in an area that’s inaccessible to children.

How Does Pet-Safe Rat Poison Work?

Another option that customers have is pet-safe rat poison. This poison does not contain any chemicals. It is safe for both children and pets to consume. This poison attacks the digestive system of the rats. Rats cannot eat vegetables or grains. Pet-safe toxins contain unique formulations that will ruin a rat’s stomach lining. Rats can die within two days of consuming these poisons.

Using Traps with Your Poison

Customers will want to consider using traps with their poisons. One of the most significant problems with poison is the fact that users don’t control where the rats pass away. If a rat dies in an indoor area, and the property owner cannot find the rodent, it will begin to decay quickly. Not only will this smell terrible, but it will also create a severe health problem as well.

Including traps or glue boards with your poison will prevent this from happening. Users will have much more control over where the rodents die, allowing users to remove it safely and quickly. We highly recommend that users purchase additional materials when using poison. Our “Best Overall” option includes these materials as part of an all-in-one kit.

Can You Use Poison Outside?

It’s possible to use poison outside, but you should pay attention to various product specifications. For instance, some poison is all-weather and resistant to mold. Users should be able to use products like this outdoors without a problem. If the bait is not all-weather or resistant to mildew, it will not withstand outdoor moisture. You’ll need to put this poison in a bait trap for it to be effective.

How Often Should You Check Your Bait?

The answer depends on how severe your rat infestation is. If you have a severe rat problem, you may find yourself needing to check poison every couple of hours. You should check the poison at least once per day. This is the only way the bait will be useful, especially if you are using first-generation bait. Otherwise, the rats will build a tolerance to the poison, and it will be more challenging to kill them.


If you need to kill a lot of rats, there is no better option than poison. Customers should pay careful attention to which type of poison they purchase. Choosing a first or second-generation poison could make a significant difference in the product’s effectiveness and a customer’s ability to get rid of their rat infestation.

The four products we’ve included on our list should all prove to be effective. Many customers will likely want to consider the Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx because it comes with a complete kit, including rat traps. Each product we’ve reviewed should provide customers with enough bait to eliminate their infestation. Our pet-safe rat poison and individual packs option should also prove useful.