Rats like to have a nice, soft nest for having a litter and will chew into cardboard boxes to get to soft items and they will also chew into drywall, insulation, and electrical wiring leaving room for potential fires.
That’s why when it comes to rats, prevention should always be your first step.

The Best Rat Bait

The best way to catch rats in your house is with a quality bait. Baits are formulated to attract rats, killing them with poison and eliminating your infestation. Those looking to use bait could find themselves overwhelmed by the number of options available which is why we’ve decided to take a look at a few of the top products on the market and find out if they live up to their promises.

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JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide


  • Contains 144 blocks of rodenticide
  • Relatively affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Bucket of bait is easily resealable


  • First-generation poison will not kill rats immediately
  • Not safe for use around children
  • Customers will need to purchase bait stations or traps


This container of rat bait contains 144 blocks rodenticide. Each block is easy for users to place in a bait station, making this the best rat bait block on the market today.

Our Review

This bait from JT Eaton is some of the best available today. One container of the bait contains 144 blocks of bait. Each block includes .005 percent of Diphacinone. This is a first-generation poison, which means that rats will need to feed on it for a couple of days for it to work.

Customers may also want to purchase traps, glue boards, or bait stations to use with this product. This will cause the rats to die in a pre-determined location, which will help eliminate the spread of disease. This product is not safe for use around children or pets. JT Eaton offers a one-year warranty on the product, but the bait will likely not last that long.




Motomco Tomcat Rat Bait Pellet


  • Ten pounds of pellets should be more than enough bait
  • The granules are resistant to mold
  • The product contains chemicals that should kill rats
  • Very affordable


  • Not safe for use around pets and children
  • Takes a while for the rodent to die


This ten-pound bucket of bait stood out to us because of its unique formula. These pellets should prove to be more than enough to eradicate a rat infestation.

Our Review

Pellets make for some of the best rat bait. We found that the unique solution in this product makes them the best pellets available. These pellets contain bromadiolone and diphacinone .005 percent.

Customers may want to purchase traps to use with this product. Because the pellets contain poison that can kill rats, it is not safe for use around pets and children

HARRIS Dry-Up Mouse and Rat Killer


  • Good in wet or dry areas
  • Mold resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Large bars


  • Harmful to pets and children
  • Tend to crumble when breaking apart


We like that these bars are good in wet areas as well as dry, unlike some baits that grow mold or dissolve in moist spots.

Our Review

The Dry Up, by Harris pack comes with 4 bars, each bar weighing 1-pound. The bars can be placed whole or broken up to deal with any rat problems you may have. Its flavoring is attractive to both rats and mice, and the bars use the anticoagulant diphacincone. The bars are unique in that they work in both dry and wet climates and areas, so they are effective in damp cellar spots as well as dry, dusty attics.

As always, when dealing with rat poison, use gloves when handling the bars, and be careful where you place them as they are harmful to pets.


Bait Station


D-Con Disposable Bait Stations


  • The product comes with bait refills
  • Contains poison to kill the rats
  • Features a plastic container that funnels rats to the poison
  • D-Con guarantees these stations to kill rats


  • Users must handle bait to replace it in the station
  • Not safe for use around pets and children


D-Con offers a “Kill Guarantee” with this product, which makes it the best bait station on the market today.

Our Review

D-Con guarantees that these disposable bait stations will kill rats and eliminate your infestation. The company designed the product for use in corners. With two openings on either side, rats are forced to go in and out of the station to reach the food. Customers will need to open the plastic traps to replace the bait.

This product is quite affordable. They work best when put in corners. Although the plastic is waterproof, the product is most effective when used on a solid, flat surface. The bait stations use first-generation poison. They are not safe for use around pets. However, the bait is within plastic that pets and children should not be able to access.

How Does Bait Work?

Bait often tastes like peanut butter. The rats will consume the bait, believing that it is food. The bait contains poison, which will then cause hemorrhaging. This will cause the rats to bleed internally, ultimately leading to their demise. The rate at which the rats die will depend on how much poison they consume.

First-generation bait requires multiple feedings. The bait requires minimal amounts of poison. A single dose of the bait will not kill rodents, especially large creatures like rats. However, when they eat the bait for consecutive days, they’ll eventually consume enough poison that they will pass away. Second-generation poison, on the other hand, works more quickly. It contains lethal doses of poison.

How Does a Bait Station Differ from a Trap?

Bait stations are designed to attract rats and slowly lure them in, while traps will kill rats instantly. Rat traps can be dangerous around pets and young children. Bait stations, on the other hand, are nothing more than plastic houses. These structures prevent pets from eating the bait. We strongly suggest that property owners use bait stations as opposed to using loose bait.

Traps can be beneficial, however. One of the most significant problems with bait stations is that owners can’t control where the rodent passes away. This could create a severe health violation, as rats tend to spread disease. When they die, they will also emit an awful stench as they decay. Using traps can help ensure there the rats will die.

Checking Bait Daily

When using the best rat bait, it’s essential that users check the bait each day. As mentioned, it tends to take multiple feedings to kill the rodents. If rats do not believe there is food in the trap, they will move quickly to the next source of food. Property owners may find it challenging trying to draw rodents back to a feeding station.

If the infestation is significant, you may need to check the bait every couple of hours. As the outbreak begins to dwindle, you can cut back and check the bait daily. Remember that bait consumption is a good thing. We also recommend that you use rubber gloves when handling bait.

How to Dispose of Rats

When replacing bait, you may come across dead rats. You’ll want to remove the rats immediately. Since you were replacing bait, you should already be wearing gloves. But, if you don’t have gloves on, we recommend putting them on immediately when handling dead rodents. If the rat is in an area with ventilation, open the windows for fresh air.

Depending on when the rat died, you may also want to wear a dust mask filter or respirator. Once ready, place the dead rat in a plastic grocery bag. Tie this bag. Then, place the grocery bag into a separate trash bag. Tie this tight as well. If possible, put the rat in your trash for disposal. Be sure to check that it’s safe to do so in your city, as some municipalities do not allow routine rodent disposal.

Once the rat is gone, you should grab paper towels any clean any byproduct that’s occurred as a result of the rat’s death. The rat may leave behind fur or bodily fluids. Cleaning this will reduce the spread of disease and infection. It will also help reduce any lingering smell.


Rat bait can be one of the most effective options available to get rid of your infestation. Many of these baits are specially-formulated to attract rats. The rats will gradually return to the bait more and more, as they believe that it is a viable source of food. Over time, the rats will consume enough of the poison to pass away. The best rat baits will work well with traps that prevent rats from dying in unknown locations.