Choosing the Best Possum Trap

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If possums decide to make a home out of your attic they can cause large amounts of damage by using insulation for nesting and leaving fecal matter behind.
The only way to keep possums from causing damage to your home is by taking preventative steps.

Choosing the Best Possum Trap

When possums become a problem on your property, it is time to consider an opossum trap. This device can help prevent possums from causing issues in your garden or digging into your trash.

The key is to find the possum trap that will work best for your needs and property. We worked hard to make this process simple for you. Here are four of the best possum traps.

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Professional Humane Animal Trap


  • The trap has a very sensitive trigger
  • Animals cannot scratch or bite when you handle the trap
  • More than one possum fits in the cage
  • Possums cannot escape even if they move the trap
  • You can make minor changes to the trap if you need to


  • The bait hook may be too big for certain bait types
  • Possums may snatch the bait from outside of the trap


The Professional Humane Animal Trap is sizable, making it possible to catch possums of all sizes, is no-kill, durable, and easy to use.

Our Review

The Professional Humane Live Animal Trap is a relatively big wire mesh trap that prevents possums from escaping once they are inside in the trap. You can put this outside in all weather conditions since the material resists rust.

The possum cannot cause damage to the trigger rod due to its location on the outside of the trap. Stay safe when you release the possums you catch elsewhere due to the positioning of the handles. The bait hook is capable of holding all bait types you use for possums. You can attach the bait within seconds, making setting up this trap easy.


Single Door

Havahart Collapsible Live Animal Trap


  • The wire mesh is sturdy and difficult to bend
  • The internal edges are smooth so that the trap does not injure a possum inside
  • You can transport this trap without the possum biting or scratching you
  • This trap is easy to assemble
  • You can use any possum bait with this trap


  • Large possums may be able to escape
  • The trap door may bend


The Havahart Collapsible Live Animal Cage resists rust, the cage has one convenient door, and this device is easy to store.

Our Review

The Havahart Collapsible Live Animal Cage Trap is ideal for people who only need to use a trap on occasion. This trap collapses, making storage quick and easy. This trap has a spring-loaded door. When a possum triggers this element, the door closes swiftly, locking the animal inside the trap. The animal remains there until you free it.

This trap uses a wire mesh material that will not corrode or rust. This trap has steel reinforcements to make sure that it is strong enough to handle the largest of possums. You can carry the trap with the possum inside without the animal being able to touch you. This feature ensures safety when you are relocating the possums that you catch.


Double Door

Havahart Live Animal Cage Trap


  • The trap can accommodate up to two small possums
  • This trap has sturdy springs
  • The trap allows for safe possum release
  • The trap can maintain large possums
  • There are plenty of spots for bait placement


  • If a possum is small, their weight may not trigger the trap
  • Some possums may escape the trap by pushing their way out


The Havahart Live Animal Cage Trap captures gophers efficiently due to having two doors and an ultra-sensitive trigger mechanism.

Our Review

The Havahart Live Animal Two-Door Cage Trap allows you to easily bait, release, and set the trap due to having two doors. These are spring-loaded doors that quickly snap shut once the possum activates the trigger rod.

A wire mesh material makes up this cage. This material resists corrosion and rust so you can keep it outside in the elements without worrying about the trap degrading prematurely due to the weather. The trap gets additional strength from the steel reinforcements.

Possums cannot easily steal the bait due to the mesh openings being small. Once you catch a possum, the handle guards help to ensure that the animal is not able to bite or scratch you. The door release also keeps your hands away from the gopher when you free the animal for extra safety.


Chain Trap

No products found.

Fast Facts About Possums

There are more than 100 species of possums. In the United States, the most recognized one is the Virginia possum. This competent scavenger has an excellent immune system and is very adaptable. This makes it possible for possums to survive in harsh environments and when there are threats to their immune systems and lives.

The Virginia possum ranges from four to 14 pounds on average. Including their tail, they are approximately 21 to 36 inches long. They have a white face with a snout that is pointy and long. Their fur is gray, and their bodies are similar to domestic cats. In the wild, this species of possum lives approximately one to two years.

This animal will “play possum” when they sense a threat. When they do this, they smell and look like a dead animal. This is a defense mechanism that is involuntary when danger is present. Within a few hours of the danger leaving, they regain consciousness and go about their day.

In the United States, you will find the Virginia possum on the west coast and the eastern half of the country. They are very adaptable and can live in an array of climates and habitats. However, they prefer to be near water in deciduous woodland areas. While primarily a scavenger, their diet is largely that of an opportunistic carnivore, so they eat a variety of plant and animal matter.

Using Possum Traps

The traps vary in size, material, and design. If you do not use your trap regularly, you might consider a collapsible option for easy storage. If you do not have a lot of space, a smaller trap may be ideal. Wire mesh is among the most desirable materials. This preference is because it can resist corrosion and rusting when you have the trap outside in the weather often. Traps typically have one or two doors. One door tends to be simpler to operate. However, two doors can make releasing a trapped possum easier.

Determine where the possums are on your property. Look for areas under patios or decks, or small holes in the exterior of your home that allow possums to enter. These are the areas where you need to put traps. It is not uncommon for possums to get into the walls of your home. In these instances, you have to find the entry point to know where to put the bait and traps.

It is essential that you know how to set a possum trap. Read the trap’s instructions to get the details about the proper setting. The instructions will also provide details about how to operate the trap safely.

Use soap and hot water to wash the trap before you set it up. This step is vital to remove the human scent that could drive possums away from the trap. Wear thick gloves when you handle the trap to prevent getting your scent on the cage after washing.

Before you free the possum from the trap, put on long sleeves and long pants. Wear thick gloves too. This action helps to protect against bites and scratches. Make sure that you open the release door exactly per the instructions. This step helps to ensure that you keep your distance from the possum. If the possum does not leave the trap right away, take a few steps back and give the animal some space. Do not attempt to manually pull the possum from the trap because they could respond aggressively.


Now you have the information you need to pick the best possum traps for your property. This allows you to remove these pests so that they cannot cause damage to your yard and home. Make sure to check out your local wildlife laws to ensure that you legally remove wildlife from your property. Closely follow all instructions on the trap to ensure safety and efficacy.