Possums are very messy animals and like living under the house as well as in the attic. They can cause large amounts of damage to the area under the house with their fecal matter.
Take preventative steps to keep possums from making a mess out of the underneath of your home.

The Best Possum Repellent

Opossums are opportunistic animals that pose challenges for homeowners no matter where you live. Obstacles like fences or other barriers often fail because of their climbing ability and dexterity. Fortunately, they aren’t as dangerous as other pests like raccoons. Nevertheless, keeping them off your property is essential given the costly damage they can do.

Continue reading to learn about the best possum repellent along with tips for getting the most out of your purchase.

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Hoont Solar Powered Motion Activated Ultrasonic with Flashing Strobe Outdoor Animal and Pest Repeller


  • Versatile with multiple sound and light settings
  • Can set it the sensitivity you need to prevent the animals from adapting to it
  • Two options for charging it if you don’t get enough sunlight year-round
  • Hold up to the element for use all year long
  • Deters a variety of pests


  • It takes a while to get results
  • May bother pets


The Hoont Solar Powered Motion Activated Ultrasonic with Flashing Strobe Outdoor Animal and Pest Repeller offers the benefits of both sound and lights to deter pests with the versatility to customize it for your situation.

Our Review

The Hoont Solar Powered Motion Activated Ultrasonic with Flashing Strobe Outdoor Animal and Pest Repeller uses both flashing lights and ultrasonic sounds for a two-pronged approach to deter opossums. As a prey species, they are wary of anything unusual in their environment. That makes these types of products successful. It is solar-powered and has a motion sensor to detect the presence of nuisance wildlife.

It emits both ultrasonic and audible sounds. The lights will deter wildlife. However, you need to be careful where you point the device.


Runner Up


PREDATOR GUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent


  • Solar panel design optimizes its recharging capacity
  • Convenient to use
  • Automated operation
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee and warranty against defects
  • Excellent range of detection


  • May not get enough sunlight to recharge during the northern winters
  • Some animals may get used to the light


The PREDATOR GUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent offers a humane solution for dealing with a variety of pest with the best results with animals new to the area.

Our Review

The PREDATOR GUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent uses sunlight and rechargeable batteries like the Hoont Advanced Solar Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal and Pest Repeller. The solar panel is larger and points up to improve its performance. It adds to the convenience of its set-it-and-forget-it operation.

This device avoids the regular complaint with these types of products with animals getting used to the lights. They alternate so that there isn’t a set pattern. The blinking red eyes are eerie with a range of over 2,000 feet.




Shake-Aways All Natural Small Critter Repellent


  • Safe to use
  • It lasts a while if it doesn’t rain heavily
  • Humane
  • Works on a variety of pests


  • Foul smelling, especially after it rains
  • May affect pets adversely
  • Takes a while to get results
  • Cannot use around food plants


Shake-Aways All Natural Small Critter Repellent uses the opossum’s instinct to avoid its top predator to keep them away from your yard humanely and safely.

Our Review

Shake-Aways All Natural Small Critter Repellent uses the opossum’s instinct to avoid predators and the places they inhabit. It’s easy to see why the manufacturer guarantees this product 100 percent with that in mind. Its ingredients include fox urine. This canine is one of the top predators of opossums. However, even though it is natural, there are plenty of cautions regarding its safe use.

You can use it in gardens, but not on food plants. There are some environmental risks from drift is you apply it during windy weather. Also, you shouldn’t use it near water sources where it can contaminate it. The instructions include a schedule for its use that you should follow for best results.

Facts About the Opossum

Opossums differ from other wildlife species in several ways that include reproduction, immune system function, and lifestyle. They are the only marsupial in North America. Females carry their young in their pouches for up to three months after birth. They aren’t large animals, most adult possums weigh between 8-13 pounds. The bulk of its 36-inch length is its prehensile tail.

Opossums also have an opposable thumb on their rear paws. If you’ve ever wondered how to keep possums out of my trash, that’s the reason. It allows them to manipulate objects—and garbage can lids—easily with their superior dexterity. Another unusual characteristic is the animal’s immunity. It can withstand bee stings or snake bites with no ill effects. Rabies is extremely rare too.

They are nocturnal, preferring the cover of the darkness to search for food. Opossums are not picky about what they eat. They feed on a variety of foodstuffs including insects, birds, fruits, and even roadkill. Though not the typical predator, they will raid chicken coops occasionally. They don’t live long, usually less than two years in the wild.

Things to Consider

Knowing the opossum’s habits and diet can help you make better choices for control. It can help you find the best possum repellent too. Discouraging these animals with these types of products in an ideal way to keep damage to a minimum along with the hassle of getting rid of them. State game laws protect them in some areas. You may need a license or permit to harvest them.

It’s wise to check with your local extension service or Department of Natural Resources (DNR) first if the pest problem gets out of control. Violating the laws for hunting and trapping opossums carries hefty fines. The same advice applies to live traps too. Some places allow landowners to deal with nuisance wildlife themselves. Conditions vary by state and municipality. They may permit you to take it out of season and without a license.

Preventing an Opossum Problem

A multi-faceted approach works best for these pests. Use of an opossum repellent like Shake-Aways All Natural Small Critter Repellent is an excellent place to start. Prey species like opossums will avoid sites where predators lurk by instinct. There’s nothing hard or special you need to do when you let nature take its course.

Opossums scare easily. That’s one of the reasons they will play dead to escape an attack. Other animals like hognose snakes also rely on this ruse. It’s an involuntary act on their part too. You can use an electronic device like the Hoont Advanced Solar Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal and Pest Repeller or the PREDATOR GUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent to do the same thing.

Flashing lights or unexpected sounds will frighten opossums and other pests to keep them out of your yard. These animals will avoid a confrontation and leave the area instead of risking injury or death. It’s one reason that the opossum species has lived since the extinction of the dinosaurs. The other things you must do involve making your home less hospitable to them.

The goal is to prevent opossums from associating your property with an accessible food source. That means keeping the garbage cans in the garage or shed, if possible. Otherwise, get animal-proof bins that they can’t open. Also, make sure to clean up fallen fruit or nuts from any trees you have in your yard. And don’t leave pet food or water bowls outside for opossums to find.

Opossums often use the area under a porch as a den. That’s why it’s essential to block their access to it with lattice or preferably, fencing. It’s a smart idea to check the area around your house and outbuilding frequently to make sure that an animal hasn’t taken up residence in your yard. Repair any gaps or holes you find promptly.


Opossums pose a challenge to homeowners because of their excellent dexterity and climbing ability. That makes deterring them with the best possum repellent an ideal way to avoid the costs and damage from these pests. Products that play on the animals’ instinct offer the perfect way to get rid of them while avoiding the risk of them adapting to them. They can provide a long-term solution to the problem.