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You should always be alert for possum making a home out of your attic. They cause lots of destruction and will use the whole attic as their home, not just one space.
This is why when it comes to possums, prevention should always be your first step.

The Best Possum Poison

If you’ve had an ongoing issue with opossums (or possums), then you know these animals can cause significant damage, especially if they have found a way inside your home. Prevention is always the best recourse. There are a wide variety of products available to you, however, there are only a few that offer a permanent solution.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know before you try to get rid of this nuisance wildlife species.

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Tomcat Mole Killer Worm Bait


  • You can cut them in half to get more use
  • They are easy to place about three inches into the ground
  • They start working within a few days
  • The usage directions are clear and simple
  • This bait is more effective than live traps


  • Some possums may ignore them
  • Worms may fall apart after a while
  • Worms may melt in intense heat


Tomcat Mole Killer Worm Bait helps to attract possums because it closely resembles the food that attracts this animal in the wild.

Our Review

Tomcat Mole Killer Work Bait mimics the earthworms that possums go after as a food source. This shape helps to ensure a natural attraction to this bait. The worms are ready to use in the package. All you have to do is put on gloves and place the worms around gopher tunnels on your property.

You do not have to dig to place these. Use a stick or a screwdriver to create a small hole. Put the worms into the holes for the possums to find them. These have a strong scent. This scent helps to attract possums to them.


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Opossum Facts

Opposums are the only marsupial in North America. They are fascinating animals on several scores. They are excellent climbers with a prehensile tail that can grasp branches. They have opposable thumbs on the rear paws that give them the ability to open containers like your garbage cans.

However, they don’t live long with a lifespan that is less than two years. It’s curious given the fact that they have superior immune systems that protect them against bees, snakes, and other threats. You may wonder do possums carry rabies. Their natural immunity protects them on this front too as they rarely get it.

Opossums aren’t aggressive which is fortunate given the fact that they have more teeth than most mammals. They may hiss at you if you confront one. However, they’re more likely to play dead. It’s an involuntary response to help them evade an attack. Knowing more about them can arm you with the information you need to get rid of them.

These animals eat whatever they find in their habitat whether it’s fruits, rodents, or even roadkill which makes JT Eaton 277 Answer Pocket Gopher Bait Block a wise option. They may raid chicken coops and eat the birds and the eggs too. Opossums are nocturnal, so you probably won’t see them during the day.

What You Need to Know

Before buying the best possum poison, there are several things you must research to do it safely and legally. Some states such as Minnesota and Wisconsin classify opossums as a game animal. That means a trapping and hunting season with requirements for licensing and permits.

Fortunately, you may have some latitude for taking matters into your own hands as a landowner. You may not have to get a license to take nuisance wildlife even out of season. The laws vary when it comes to renters or other individuals who dispatch the animals. Violations of these policies mean costly fines, so it pays to learn about them up front.

If you choose to use a poison, you must use it as described on the label. It’s a violation of federal law to do otherwise. Many products are broad-spectrum. That means they pose a risk to non-targeted species including your pets. It’s imperative to follow the instruction precisely regarding the use and disposal of them.

You should also take care when using any poisons near water sources like lakes and streams. Likewise, only put them in spots where an opossum will find them. For example, don’t put something like Sweeney’s S6006-4 Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts near bird feeders since many other species eat nuts too.

How to Use Poison

Your best results begin with the proper placement. Look for signs of activity such as eaten garden plants, toppled garbage cans, or damage to your house or outbuildings. These things will tell you what areas the animal uses regularly. It can also reduce the risk of hurting other non-targeted wildlife.

Understand how the poison works and how quickly it will act. Remember that an affected opossum will likely try to return to its den even if it’s in your attic. It’s essential to supervise your pets when outdoors after using these products. Some toxins may also harm other animals who may feed on the carcass, including your dog.

Preventing a Recurrence

Another thing you must do is to take steps to avoid the problem happening again. Simple tasks such as rinsing your garbage cans periodically and never leaving pet food outdoors can go a long way toward prevention. Also, repair any broken screens, vents, or holes along your house’s foundation.

You should also fence off the area under your deck or porch which can also provide shelter for an animal. The same precautions apply to the upper reaches of your home. Trim all branches that hang over your roof or are within 10 feet of the building. They can provide access to your attic and create a host of unpleasant consequences.


The best possum poison works quickly to get rid of a pest fast to minimize your handling and use of these toxic substances. It’s imperative to do your research regarding the legal and safety issues too. While you have rights as a landowner, laws may exist that restrict what you can do. Play it smart and purchase EPA-approved products to protect everyone in your family including your pets.