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Pigeon droppings carry serious diseases like Histoplasmosis which has serious symptoms.
Preventing pigeons from making nests in your home will help prevent the spread of infectious and serious diseases.

The Best Pigeon Repellent

Pigeons can leave droppings all over your property. Not only is this unsightly, but these droppings can also put human health at risk. Keeping these birds away is vital to protect yourself and your family.

With so many pigeon repellents available, you need to explore various options to make the best choice. We did the research to help you with this process. Here are five of the best pigeon repellent choices.

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Bird B Gone Transparent Gel


  • One application can last for several seasons
  • This gel is easy to apply
  • You can remove the gel easily for reapplication
  • The gel lasts for years in the bottle
  • This gel appears more effective than tape strips


  • May affect other birds
  • You have to move slowly to apply an even layer


This gel lasts a long time, is economical, and works in a wide range of temperatures.

Our Review

Bird B Gone Transparent Gel uses polybutene as its primary ingredient. One tube is enough to treat a 10-foot area. Once you place the gel, it can repel pigeons for as long as six months. Since this gel is clear, you can place it anywhere on your home without it interfering with your curb appeal.

You can use this gel in environments that range from 15 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Severe weather usually does not reduce the overall effectiveness of the product, and will not require reapplication. Using this gel is easiest with a caulking gun (not included).



Bird-X Yard Gard Electronic Animal Repeller


  • The batteries last for a long time
  • This device is easy to place and set
  • The directions are easy to follow
  • One device is enough for a small yard
  • You can put this device anywhere outside


  • The power cord is not very long
  • Some pigeons still come onto the property


This repellent device has multiple settings, easy-to-read instructions, and most humans cannot hear the sound.

Our Review

Bird-X Yard Hard Electronic Animal Repeller works for pigeons of all sizes. One device is enough to cover an area as large as 4,000 square feet. There are settings for specific animal types, so make sure that you set yours to the setting that repels pigeons.

You can choose to use the power cord or batteries to power this device. This repellent is a safe option that does not cause harm to the birds. It just keeps them from coming onto your property since they cannot tolerate the sound.

There are two modes to choose from, including motion-activated or constant. If you only have a few pigeons that bother your property, the motion-activated mode can save battery life since the device will only go to work when it detects a pigeon.


Bird Spikes

Bird-X Stainless Steel Spikes


  • These spikes are durable in all weather conditions
  • You can install the spikes quickly
  • These spikes are ideal for all fence heights
  • When you place the spikes properly, they do not budge
  • You can remove the spikes easily if necessary


  • The anchoring materials do not come with the spikes


This repellent is easy to install, repels most pigeons, and the base is flexible.

Our Review

Bird-X Stainless Steel Spikes work with a flexible base, making it easy to install these spikes just about anywhere pigeons try to settle and build their nests. You can apply the spikes using your choice of products, such as screws, nails, adhesives, and tie-downs. Just make sure to remove debris regularly to ensure optimal effectiveness.

The material of the spikes is stainless steel so that you do not have to worry about corrosion. Minimal maintenance is necessary to keep the spikes in good condition. They will not decay or rust due to being out in the weather long-term. Each strip covers 10 feet, and these spikes are relatively safe.


Scare Rods

Bird Blinder Twisting Scare Rods


  • The rods are easy to place
  • You can use these rods inside and outside
  • Hang these rods with swivel hooks for greater flexibility
  • You can safely use these rods near windows
  • The rods are pet and child safe


  • These rods may not be as effective at night
  • Some pigeons will ignore these rods
  • They may fall to the ground in high winds


This product is easy to install, you can place them almost anywhere, and they create a strong reflection.

Our Review

Bird Blinder Twisting Scare Rods are ideal for scaring pigeons away from your property. You can safely use these rods in gardens, near pools, and by your windows. When the breeze blows, the rods twist creating a reflection. When pigeons see this reflection, it scares them away. Place the rods in areas where pigeons frequent and make sure that they are visible.

The rods measure 12 inches long. Due to this length, you can hang them from relatively high places and still get the benefit of repelling pigeons. You do not need a lot of wind for these to work. The lightest wind combined with sunlight can cause a strong reflection.


Scare Tape

Bird Repellant Scare Tape


  • This tape is easy to place
  • The reflection is strong on sunny days
  • You can place this tape anywhere
  • The tape is safe around pets and children
  • This tape adheres to almost all surfaces


  • This tape may take up to a week to start working
  • Wind may cause this tape to come off prematurely
  • The tape loses its reflection over time


This tape is easy to place, is an economical option, and saves you time on cleanup.

Our Review

Bird Repellant Scare Tape creates a reflection in the sun to scare away pigeons. You can use this product alone or along with other pigeon repellant options, such as netting, bird spikes, and scarecrows. The directions are easy to follow, and one the tape is in place, there is no maintenance necessary.

Pets and children can go around the tape without issue. To place the tape, just cut it down to size, and tie it down. If you live in a very windy area, using more than one securing method might be necessary to keep the tape in place. The tape will not cause harm to the pigeons or other birds.

Problems Pigeons Can Cause

Pigeons can cause several issues around your home and property. They can build nests just about everywhere, from your windowsills to your children’s playground equipment. When you have multiple pigeons on your property, you will find their droppings start to appear everywhere. This issue not only reduces the aesthetic of your outdoor space, but it can also pose health dangers to your family.

Pigeon droppings may contain numerous pathogens, some of which may be dangerous for humans. These pathogens can affect you if you inhale them. Inhalation is possible after the droppings dry and becomes a powder. Pigeon droppings may cause the following health issues in humans:

E. coli:

Symptoms include fever, nausea, and cramps.


This fungal respiratory disease can be fatal.


Symptoms may include cramps, nausea, and vomiting.

St. Louis encephalitis:

This is a dangerous disease that can cause a headache, fever, and drowsiness.


This respiratory disease can also affect the mouth, intestines, skin, and urogenital tract.

Pigeons may bring other pests with them. Examples include ticks, lice, bed bugs, and bird mites. These pests are typically present in the nests that pigeons create. Other pigeon problems can include leaving debris around your property and making too much noise.

Types of Pigeon Repellants

There are multiple pigeon repellant types that you can use on your property. All of these work in different ways to keep these potentially destructive birds from causing harm to your property. The repellant options include:

Bird spikes:

This item stops pigeons from getting comfortable on the surfaces where they are present. This is because the spikes stop a surface from being flat and easy to build a nest on.

Visual deterrents:

There are several options in this category. These work by scaring the bird by making them think a predator is present. Common options include coyote or hawk decoys, eye scare diverters, bird scare balloons, and flash tape.

Sonic repellents:

These use predator and distress calls to exploit their excellent hearing and their fear of predators. The decibels usually range from 65 to 105 decibels.

Chemical repellents:

These products use certain chemicals that are unpalatable to pigeons. When they smell them, they want to stay far away. Other chemical repellants make surfaces uncomfortable so that pigeons do not want to roost. Examples of this type of repellant include turf sprays, chemical foggers, and sticky repellants.

When you use these products, it is imperative that you look at the coverage area limitations. This information helps to ensure that you have enough repelling power to keep pigeons away from all of your property. If you have pets or children, look for items that are safe to use around them. Ensuring safety will prevent any accidental injuries and similar issues.

You can use multiple repellant types on your property. If your pigeon problem is immense, this can be the best idea. Then, should some pigeons not respond to certain repellants, the other items and devices that you use can help to keep them at bay.


Consider the information here to make sure that you choose the best pigeon repellent for your home. Before using any of these devices, explore local wildlife laws to ensure that you are not unknowingly breaking any laws. It is equally important to follow all usage instructions.