Best Pigeon Deterrent

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Pigeons can cause serious damage to your roof and gutters with their nests and can cause blockage and flooding, creating damage inside of your home.
Preventing pigeons from staying on your property can help keep your roof in excellent condition.

The Best Pigeon Deterrent

Pigeons are a major nuisance that can cause problems for your family and your home. They are not easy to keep away, but with the right products, the job can be less overwhelming. There are multiple repellent options to examine. To make this process a little easier, we did the work for you. Here are three of the best pigeon deterrent options.

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Bird B Gone the Repeller


  • Eco-friendly
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • You can use this device any place outdoors
  • This device is easy to set up


  • Some pigeons do not appear to be afraid of the device
  • The battery life could be better


The Bird B Gone the Repeller prevents pigeons from coming to roost due to its continuous motion. This device can cover a five-foot space. The user manual provides detailed instructions regarding how to set this device up and maintain it.

Our Review

This device is humane. It keeps pigeons at bay but will not can the birds any harm. You can place this just about anywhere, including near pools and air conditioning units. The batteries are rechargeable via solar power. Because of this, it is a good idea to place this device in a spot that gets adequate sun for optimal battery power. The device is easy to mount on angled and flat surfaces. This repeller is lightweight too, so it is easy to almost anyone to handle.



Bird-X Yard Gard Repeller


  • Long lasting batteries
  • You can follow the instructions easily
  • Device placement is quick and easy
  • Covers a complete small to medium yard
  • You can place the device in almost all outdoor areas


  • The AC cord is short
  • This device does not repel all pigeons


This product is adjustable, humane, and silent to humans.

Our Review

The Bird-X Yard Gard Repeller is a type of ultrasonic device that works to repel pigeons by using high-frequency soundwaves. While the sound is annoying for birds, humans cannot hear it. This noise results in pigeons leaving since they are unable to tolerate the harsh sound. You can use this device alone or with other methods to deter pigeons.

This device is ideal for almost any outdoor space. Once you place it, the device covers approximately 4,000 square feet. This device is a non-toxic option to keep pigeons out of your yard. There are different modes and options you can use, depending on the extent of your pigeon problems. You can leave the device outside in the weather without any problems.


Holographic Device

Homescape Creations Holographic Deterrent


  • The items are easy to hang
  • The birds are highly reflective
  • You can swap out the hooks to gain better flexibility
  • You can use this product in your windows
  • The owls are safe for children and pets


  • This product may not be effective at night or on dark days
  • May not hold up well to bad weather


This product is easy to use, adds aesthetic to your property, and they help to keep pigeons away long-term.

Our Review

The Homescape Creations Holographic Deterrent is something that you can place anywhere on your property, both indoors and outdoors. The holographic element creates a strong reflection that scares pigeons away from your property. They also emit a sound that pigeons do not like to further deter them from your property.

You should place these in an area that gets adequate breezes and sunlight. This placement helps to ensure that you are getting the maximum sound and reflection. Make sure to secure the items well to make sure they can tolerate the wind. These holographic owls are eco-friendly and humane. They will not cause harm to any other animals or people on your property.

Facts About Pigeons

Pigeons are intelligent and complex birds. Pigeons can tell the difference between photographs, different letters of the alphabet, and two different humans. Pigeons are experts when it comes to navigation. They use multiple skills to ensure that they get to where they are going efficiently.

Pigeons are often in flocks of up to 30 birds because they are highly social. This trait is why when one pigeon inhabits your property, before you know it, you will have two dozen or more roosting around your home. This bird is one that mates for life. Two pigeons will stick together and raise an average of two chicks each time the mom has babies.

Both male and female pigeons work to raise their chicks. Both will feed the chicks and incubate their eggs. Pigeons have exceptional hearing abilities. Compared to humans, these birds can hear at much lower frequencies. This hearing allows them to detect bad weather before many humans can.

Pigeons are swift creatures. They fly at approximately 77.6 miles per hour on average. In the sky, they will go up to 6,000 feet above the ground to ensure that they are safe when they are flying.

Importance of Deterring Pigeons

One or two pigeons are likely harmless, but when you have large flocks of these birds on your property, they can start to cause issues. They deposit their droppings all over the place, giving you a lot to clean up. Cleaning them up means wearing a mask and protective clothing to protect yourself from the possible health issues that breathing in pigeon droppings can cause.

The following human diseases are ones that you can contract from pigeon droppings:


This is a type of fungal infection that can cause symptoms, such as coughing, headache, fever, and vomiting.


This is a type of bacterial infection that can cause symptoms, such as headaches, fever, a dry cough, and muscle pain.


This is a type of fungal infection that can cause symptoms, such as fever, dry cough, a headache, chest discomfort, and chills.

When you are around these droppings, inhaling the particles after the droppings dry is what can get you sick. The risk is especially high for people with immunosuppression. Always protect yourself and prevent inhaling the droppings.


Take this information and use it to keep pigeons from posing a threat to your property or family. Before using these products, make sure to look at the local wildlife laws. This knowledge will eliminate the risk of inadvertently breaking the law. Also, always follow the product instructions exactly.