Best Bird Deterrents

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Larger birds, like pigeons, can dislodge roof tiles while droppings can corrode stone, metal and other building materials and when birds gain access to roof spaces, they can cause damage to insulation.
Prevention is the best step you can take when it comes to keeping birds out of your home.

The Best Bird Deterrents

Some people love to have birds on their property and have a great appreciation for the colors and sounds of the various species. However, others prefer to not have bird droppings, noises, and destroyed fruits and vegetables. For those of you who would rather admire these flying animals from afar, we have compiled a list of the best bird deterrents that you can use in your yard.

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Bird Spikes

Bird-X Bird Spikes


  • Easy installation
  • Permanent solution
  • Rust and decay-resistant
  • Flexible base for installation anywhere
  • Not physically harmful to birds
  • Prevents other animals from climbing surfaces too


  • Does not include attachment tools


Bird spikes are a very effective way to keep birds off of your roof, fences, etc., and the Bird-X brand is a great one. With these spikes, you can use whatever attachment method works best for your preference and surface. The spikes are strong and sturdy so that they can do their job, but they also won’t hurt the birds.

Our Review

Bird spikes are a popular way to keep birds off of a variety of surfaces like roofs and fences. One of the best products in this category is the Bird-X Bird Spikes. These spikes provide an effective solution for keeping birds off of your property by using stainless steel spikes.

While they may look painful, the spikes are completely harmless to birds. The long, thin design simply prevents them from landing.

The spikes come attached to a long, flexible strip of plastic that you can attach to any surface. The flexible design lets you use it on curved and uneven spaces, so you have protection anywhere, even on a round surface.

Easy to install, you can use adhesive, nails, screws, or tie-downs. These spikes are permanent and will not decay or collect rust.



Scare Owl

Dalen Gardeneer Scarecrow Horned Owl


  • Easy to use and move
  • Hand-painted for a realistic look
  • Good for yard decoration
  • Realistic size
  • No batteries or electricity required


  • Loses effectiveness if not moved to different places frequently
  • Wind gusts tip it over if not properly secured


If you are looking for something that won’t disrupt the design of your yard and effectively scares off birds at the same time, try this scarecrow owl. The hand-painted design makes it look very realistic, and it can’t get much easier than buying and placing the statue in your yard.

Our Review

One of the best ways to keep birds away is to scare them off with a predator. The Dalen Gardeneer Scarescor Horned Owl is a realistic representation of a horned owl. The 16-inch statue is hand-painted, giving it a natural look that will frighten off other birds.

Easy to move, you can place this statue anywhere on your property to scare birds. Since some animals grow used to the statue in one place, moving it helps keep them on their toes.

Unlike other scare tactics, this faux owl adds charm rather than being an eyesore to your yard. It is beautifully designed, so while you are fending off birds, you can enjoy the excellent craftsmanship.



Scare Tape

De-Bird Reflective Scare Tape


  • Easy to use
  • Does not require complicated installation or tools
  • Can be used alongside other products
  • Uses noises and light to scare birds
  • Tape is non-toxic and completely eco-friendly


  • Tape is not adhesive as the name might suggest
  • Must use a lot to be effective


As far as simple solutions go, this scare tape is as easy as it comes. The holographic material reflects light and produces noise, both of which scare away a variety of birds. Even if you have to use a lot for it to be effective, it may be well worth it to get birds away from your property.

Our Review

Scare tape is a great way to scare off common birds like sparrows, pigeons, geese, and woodpeckers. The De-Bird Reflective Scare Tape is one of the best because it uses both sound and light to chase birds away.

The holographic design catches the light and causes intense reflections that ward off birds. At the same time, the material used makes noise when the wind blows, which also drives birds away. With these two tactics alone, you’ll have birds flying in the opposite direction.

Not only does the tape work alone, but you can use it in tandem with other tactics like bird spikes, netting, and decoys.

The tape is weather resistant, tear resistant, and long-lasting. It’s also highly affordable, which is always a plus. Easy to install, simply cut the strips you need and tie them around trees, on fences, and anywhere else on your property.



Holographic Device

Homescape Creations Owl Bird Repellent


  • Uses light, sound, and predator scare tactics combine for effectiveness
  • Humane and non-toxic
  • Protects birds from injuries due to window collisions
  • Easy to use and hassle-free
  • Prevents birds from adapting to the environment


  • Not weather resistant
  • Jingling bells may annoy some


It is a genius idea to combine all of the things that scare birds away: reflective lights, loud noises, and the appearance of predators. We love the ingenuity involved in this product. However, we noticed that it is not very durable and falls apart easily in inclement weather.

Our Review

The Homescape Creations Owl Bird Repellent takes holographic scare tape to the next level with their reflective cutouts. Designed in the shape of an owl, this holographic hanging picture features realistic eyes that strongly resemble those of a predator.

On top of the reflection and intimidating eyes, this scare tactic also boasts bells that combine the irregular appearance with auditory techniques.

Paired with this clever invention, you also get two spiral rods that reflect additional light.

While these inventions may seem a little funky, they are highly intelligent designs that attack a bird’s worst fears: a predator, irregular light, and loud sounds. Hang these anywhere in your yard and see their full effect in action.



Scare Rods

Bird Blinder Repellent Scare Rods


  • Highly affordable
  • Reflective design easily catches sunlight
  • Twists and spins easily in the wind
  • Adds a pleasing decoration to your yard
  • Easy to install and hang


  • Included string may not hold up in storms or heavy wind – you may want to use a heavier string


These reflective, twisting rods are a great, quick, and simple solution to a bird problem. While they are not the most durable product on the market, they do come at a low price. It seems you get what you pay for with this item, so what you get is pretty good.

Our Review

The Bird Blinder Repellent Scare Rods use a light-reflecting technique to keep birds far from your property. These 12-inch rods feature a twisting design that catches sunlight and reflects it out. The light frightens and confuses birds, driving them away.

These rods are highly effective on both lightly breezy and very windy days. Their light weight allows them to move freely, hanging from a small string.

The rods are great because not only are they designed to keep birds away, but they double as decorative pieces for your yard, patio, and garden. While their main job is to deter birds, they also serve as a visually pleasing element to add to your property.


Additional Tips & Advice

Birds can be a joy to look at or a nightmare to get rid of. If your opinion falls into the latter statement, you might benefit from learning some additional information on bird control and prevention. Read on for some helpful tips and advice concerning birds in your yard.

What Attracts Birds?

There are a few main components that make your yard attractive to birds. These elements are food, shelter, and water.

If there is food readily available in your backyard, it was most likely intentional. Therefore, anyone trying to get rid of birds shouldn’t have much of a problem in this area. However, not all bird food is bird seed. Many birds like insects, fruit, and vegetables. Someone who has a garden out in the open may fall victim to “the birds”.

The second element is shelter. Birds feel more secure in a location if they have a good place to set up their homes and raise their young. If your yard has many trees and large shrubs, it is likely that birds will nest there. Tall bushes are perfect for birds because they can build their nests undercover and hidden from predators.

Finally, every animal needs water to live. Consider what is in your backyard: Do you have a pond? Is there a stream or creek running through your yard? Even a yard that easily floods can be a great source of water for a bird. Decorative fountains look pretty, but if you don’t want birds, you probably shouldn’t have one.

Fly the Coop

We can all appreciate the beauty and pleasant music of a bird, but some of us prefer to do that from afar rather than right in our backyard where we see the effects of damage and excretion. You don’t have to harm birds to get them to leave you alone. The above products help you scare birds off without a single scratch, leaving you free to enjoy your gardens, yard, and property.