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Mice like to have a nice, soft nest for having a litter and will chew into cardboard boxes to get to soft items and they will also chew into drywall, insulation, and electrical wiring leaving room for potential fires.
Thats why when it comes to mice, prevention should always be your first step.

The Best Mouse Repellent

We love mouse repellents, whether used on their own or in combination with trapping methods. In the spirit of keeping wildlife safe, deterring them with natural but effective ways is an idea we believe in.

The following can work wonderfully as an eco-friendly mouse repellent: ultrasonic, natural sprays, scent pouches, hanging essential oil deterrents, and essential oil mixed in a combination of ways. The humane, wildlife-friendly quality of these products is something we stand behind. These are some of our favorite right now.

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Large Area

Exterminators Choice Mice Defense All Natural Rodent Repellent Spray


  • Large amount for lots of use
  • Ideal for outdoors, keeping mice out
  • All natural, non-chemical spray
  • Fresh scent
  • Repels both mice and rats
  • Reasonable price


  • Must be reapplied roughly once a week
  • Water-based formula can wash away in a hard rain


This all-natural spray can be used both indoors and out, making for an excellent all-around mice deterrent for larger areas. With heavy application around the foundation of your home, along fence lines, and near garbage areas, we found this to be highly effective.

Our Review

Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense All Natural Mice Repellent Spray is an all-natural, water-based spray that repels mice via scent. With a fresh aroma, it’s pleasant to many users but too potent for mice to tolerate in large doses. Even better, there is no dealing with poisons with a natural spray like Exterminators Choice.

We like the ample amount of spray in the one-gallon container to repel mice even from large houses. This spray works best if applied heavily around the outside of your home, especially near areas mice could find food, such as garbage cans. You will need to reapply this mouse deterrent spray every week or so, depending on the season and the conditions (more if it’s exceptionally dry out). With consistent application, mice will avoid your house.


Scent Pouches

Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent (Four Scent Pouches)


  • Ideal for enclosed areas
  • Well-rated by users
  • Budget-friendly
  • Covers up to 125 square feet
  • Eco-friendly and meets EPA standards
  • Made in the USA


  • Needs to be replaced every 90 days
  • Not for open or well-ventilated spaces
  • Can lose effectiveness near the end of three months


These pouches are crafted with balsam fir which is a pleasant scent for you, but too strong for mice. These are perfect for enclosed spots such as sheds, cars, near trash cans in the garage, in cabinets, and in RVs or on boats.

Our Review

The Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent Pouches are designed to be earth-friendly, are safe for people and pets, and are made in the USA. The strong balsam pine scent repels mice but leaves a pleasant, woodsy aroma for humans. Pets will usually avoid these pouches because of the smell but use caution to keep them out of reach if your pet seems interested in them.

We love these as an add-on mice repellent in spots such as cabinets, sheds, in stored RVs or cars, and in attics or garages. For slightly larger spaces, such as a more massive attic, we recommend using two pouches. These potent packets last up to three months. The scent will slowly fade over that time so you may want to replace them sooner if you have a severe mouse problem. With well-timed replacement and placement of these mice repellent pouches, you should see a dramatic decrease in your pest issues.


Repellent Satchels

Victor Scent-Away Natural Rodent Repeller Packs


  • Fresh, minty scent for humans
  • No concern of slow-fading scent
  • Easy to use – simply place or hang in a confined space
  • All natural, 100 percent peppermint oil


  • Not for large or well-ventilated spots
  • Several needed for larger areas such as attics or garages
  • Some customer reviews stated they did not have success with the product


Victor Scent-Away Natural Rodent Repeller Packs are a mess free aromatic alternative to mice poisons or traps. Utilizing peppermint oils, these packs are refreshing to humans but naturally repel rodents.

Our Review

We love Victor Scent-Away Natural Rodent Repeller Packs for spots such as cabinets, cars, and hung in low places in sheds. Mice are known to dislike the aroma of peppermint oil. So, the smell of these packs is fresh and minty to humans, but a strong deterrent for mice.

These do need to be hung low to the ground, where mice will smell them the strongest. That means if you place these packs in an attic or shed, be sure to hang them in a low spot near the floor where mice would scurry. They work as an excellent adjunct to other mice repellents. Or if you tolerate the smell of peppermint well, you can get several packs and place them in various locations.

Natural Ways to Repel Mice

The best mouse repellent is one that is potent enough to make your home or yard unhospitable to mice, while also being safe for other animals, pets, and children.

The vital thing to remember with mouse deterrents is that you cannot expect to set out one small repellent and keep a mouse or lots of mice from your home if their desire for food is greater than the prevention. Mouse repellents work best when used in combination with each other, and the more you have, the more effective they will be.

It works the same way it would if you needed food and tried to get it from a comfortable place. That place would need to be unhospitable enough that you would look elsewhere for food. The more unfriendly you make your home to mice, and the less food or comfort they can find there, the more they will be deterred from taking up residence.

We recommend combining two or three methods, if possible. Using a couple of ultrasonic devices along with scent pouches or rodent sprays is often more successful than utilizing one technique alone. If you want to test out if a particular deterrent is working, you can always eliminate one at a time to see if mice activity increases. Doing so is an easy way to figure out which works best, and therefore which you can get more of in the future if needed.

Do Electronic Mouse Repellents Work

Mice hear in much higher frequency than humans and even communicate among themselves in pitches the human ear cannot perceive. In studies, researchers found that environments with excessive high-frequency sound affected mice substantially, even hindering reproductive behavior and capabilities.

Ultrasonic repellents emit these high-pitch sounds, inaudible to our ears, but disturbing to mice and other pests. These consistent, agitating noises make your home inhospitable to mice. Depending on your infestation and the size of your apartment or house, you may need to use multiple ultrasonic mice repellers. If used correctly and within range of other ultrasonic units to cover the full area of your home, they can be wonderfully useful.

Essential Oils

Mice are particularly repelled by healthy doses of peppermint and fir tree oils. The vital thing to remember with oils is that these need to be true essential oils, not artificial peppermint scent or fir tree synthetic perfumes. Real essential oils will not only work far better but will also last longer than artificial aromas.

The fantastic thing about peppermint oil, in particular, is that several other pests are deterred by this scent, too. Rats, insects, bats, and even spiders dislike peppermint oil. So, if you can handle a home that smells minty fresh, you stand a good chance of keeping lots of pests away. The Victor Scent-Away Natural Rodent Repeller Packs is an excellent option for hanging peppermint scent in multiple locations. You can use these in combination with peppermint saturated cotton balls and the balsam fir aroma of Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent Pouches.


Mouse repellents are our preferred first step when it comes to keeping your home free of mice. Humane live mouse traps and kinder, quick-kill electric mouse traps are an option if repellents don’t work for you.

As the first line of defense, it’s always a smart idea to at least try out natural mouse deterrents that keep your family, pets, and other wildlife safe. Many of these repellers will keep other pests away from your house, as well.

The fantastic quality about these options are that you can always use them in conjunction with traps later if needed. If used correctly, however, you’re likely to find these are a fantastic method on their own.