Best Electric Mouse Trap

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Mice can cause major structural damage to your home through gnawing, nest-building, and defecation.
The best way to protect your home is to take preventative steps to keep them out. 

The Best Electric Mouse Trap

You’ve likely seen the old-fashioned snap traps for mice, but for many people, electric mouse traps are a relatively new idea. These traps use powerful, rapid electric shock to kill mice humanely within seconds.

Many styles are available, including traps that can handle both mice and rats if you have a problem with both rodents. These are among our favorite mouse traps because of the lack of poisons sitting around and the faster kill method. Particularly in apartments or in the case of smaller mice infestations, these are a fantastic option.

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Victor No Touch, No See Electronic Mousetrap


  • Quick kill within seconds
  • LED light indicator
  • Reusable
  • Open tunnel safety switch
  • Escape-prevention design
  • Removable chamber for easy cleaning


  • Requires four AA batteries
  • Plate needs minimal cleaning but still requires some
  • Not for large infestations (unless several are purchased)


This electric mouse trap is a no-touch, no-see trap, which means you don’t have to see the dead rodent. With a 100 percent kill rate, and up to 100 uses per battery charge, this is an effective way to eradicate a mouse problem without poison.

Our Review

We love the Victor No-See Electronic Mousetrap for the no-touch, no-see design. If you know you need to eliminate a mouse, but are squeamish about dealing with dead rodents, this is an ideal electric mouse trap. The enclosed chamber kills within seconds, making it more humane than some methods such as poison, which can take several days.

You do need to bait this trap with an appealing bit of food for mice. Then turn it on and set it in an area where mice are likely to find it, such as under a piece of furniture or along a wall. The indicator light shows when a trap and kill is done.

You don’t have to check inside for dead rodents. Just keep a close eye on the illuminated indicator, and remove the chamber to empty once a mouse is caught. You can capture up to 100 mice on one charge of batteries.


Large Rodents

EBUNG Electric Mouse Trap Zapper


  • Suitable for both rats and mice
  • Three-part safety trigger
  • Battery or plug-in option
  • Light indicator
  • No-touch, no-see trap
  • Highly-rated by those with rat problems


  • Requires two AA batteries if not plugged in
  • Needs reset between each use


This larger sized electronic trap can catch rodents as small as mice or chipmunks, and as big as rats and squirrels. With a battery or plug option and a safety trigger, this is our favorite electric trap for large rodents.

Our Review

The EBUNG Electric Mouse Trap Zapper is designed to be a rapid-kill, more humane trap for not only mice but larger rodents such as rats and squirrels. With a three-part trigger, all three sections must be set off to send a shock, and according to the company, this is not doable by anything but rodents. While it’s said to be safe for children and pets, we advise you still use caution regarding these little ones.

With up to 30 shocks on battery mode, you can catch several rodents with this trap. We love that you have the choice of either batteries or a plug option if you prefer. This is also a no touch, no see, easy-disposal trap. So, it’s a fantastic alternative to poisons or snap-traps. This electric rodent trap needs to be baited with a bit of food such as cheese or peanut butter.


Battery Powered

Rat Zapper RZC001


  • No ‘handling’ involved
  • Easy set up
  • LED light indicator


  • Customer reports of false readings
  • Unchecked catches can wear out the unit
  • Can be difficult to place bait


A mouse trap where you don’t have to ‘release’ the mouse? We’re in. We love this mouse trap because of its non-handling aspect, but also its higher- and longer-voltage exposure, ensuring the job gets done.

Our Review

The Rat Zapper RZC001 is easy to use and makes the disposal of ‘catches’ simple and mess free; no more handling involved. Insert the required 4 AA batteries, add bait such as peanut butter spread along the back wall, place the trap and power it up, then go about your day and wait for a blinking red LED light to indicate a catch. The Rat Zapper makes the next step – disposal – much easier. You don’t have to physically handle the catch; it stays inside the kill chamber and all you need do is tip the opening into the trash.

The electronic trap has metal plates and smart circuit technology that senses when a rodent enters it. Designed specifically for rats – which are able to restart their hearts – this unit offers a high voltage shock which is applied for a solid two minutes to ensure elimination.

The Rat Zapper doesn’t use poisons or chemicals, but as with any electronic device, please exercise caution around pets and children. Its use is intended for indoors, so don’t let it get wet.


(Large Infestations)

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What Is the Best Mouse Trap?

The best way of eliminating mice is a combination of removing food sources as much as possible, along with ridding the mice either using a humane kill or live trap and removal, which will prevent further breeding and deter more mice from infesting your home.

We are fans of humane live mouse traps, but if you’re in a situation where you have to kill them, electronic traps are among our favorite. We like that these kill within seconds, rather than days.

Keeping Food Away from Mice

Regardless of the number of traps you set, if you do not safeguard any food stores, garbage, or clean up crumbs in your home, mice will have a reason to return. If you have a severe infestation and they’re chewing through items, we recommend you get a set of metal trash cans with sturdy lids.

Be even more diligent with your cleaning under cabinets and furniture and disinfecting your floors as often as possible with the appropriate floor soap. Take a harder look within and around your home. See if there are any places mice could get food that you’re missing.

It could be a berry or fruit tree outside that needs more yard cleanup, or perhaps you’ll need to temporarily move food from lower pantry shelf up high and put items in chew-proof containers. If this feels daunting, remember that if taken care of correctly, it’s a temporary problem.


If a more humane way of riding mice appeals to you, but you need to eradicate them because they keep coming back, or you have nowhere to relocate them, electric traps are a fantastic option. They kill far quicker than poisons and without the risk of your pets eating dangerous bait.

Electronic mouse traps also eliminate the potential of only wounding the mouse as is the case with snap traps, which can also be a bit gory or messy. So, if live traps are not an option, we love these electric versions. The No-See Mousetrap by Victor is our overall top pick, but each of these traps is an exceptional option to rid your home of a mouse problem.