Best Bat Deterrent

17 min read| Updated for November, 2019
Eaves on Houses


While bats are unable to scratch or bite their way into your home, some bats can slip through existing holes as small as 1/2 inch.
Thats why when it comes to bats, prevention should always be your first step.

The Best Bat Deterrent

If you live in a bat-dense area, you might be concerned about keeping bats away from your house. Or perhaps that concern has become worry as you’ve already had to deal with a bat entering your home or you’ve see them landing on your gutters and eaves. Whether it be precautionary or eviction, it’s time to take action and we have a number of effective, humane products for you to consider.

We love these products, as they keep bats alive and well, while preventing them from taking up residence in areas of your home where they can cause major damage. Read more in this review to find a humane bat deterrent that’s right for you.

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Holes and Cracks

Haierc Copper Mesh Bat Control


  • No batteries needed
  • No chemicals
  • Can be molded for odd-shaped spots
  • Non-flammable
  • Won’t rust/stain home
  • Trimmable to fit specific areas


  • Can come off in high winds if not secured
  • Does not keep bats from yard area
  • Can be an eyesore if used in huge gaps


This versatile, moldable mesh is long-lasting and covers all sorts of shaped openings. The long-term, non-rusting use of this product makes it our favorite for odd gaps and holes.

Our Review

The Haierc Pure Copper Mesh pest control barrier is fantastic as a long-term solution to keep bats out of any shape hole or crack you might have in your home. You can install it flat or mold it to fit whatever shape you need. The copper mesh is strong enough to keep rodents and bats out, but soft enough to squeeze it with your hands.

This is an exceptional option for individuals who might consider something such as steel wool, which is flammable. The copper mesh is non-flammable and environmentally friendly. We like this option for individuals who dislike ultrasonic devices and don’t want to deal with poisons. It’s also extremely pet-friendly.

We love that this flexible mesh can be trimmed with wire cutters for your desired length or size. Use it around gutters, stuffed into holes in your foundation, in cracks in brick—wherever bats might find their way in. This is a fantastic deterrent for attics in particular if they are not sealed completely.


Eaves on Houses

Abco Tech Spikes


  • Weather-proof
  • No-rust plastic
  • Tool-free installation
  • Bendable, robust plastic
  • Prevents both bats and birds nesting
  • Affordable


  • Can be unsightly on some homes
  • May need more than one pack, depending on home size


These “spikes” deter bats from landing without harming or injuring wildlife. As a bonus, these can be used as a fence anti-climb deterrent. However, we love them mostly for their long-lasting, bat safe repelling quality.

Our Review

We like Abco’s Tech Spikes for those who want something similar to the metal spikes often used on commercial buildings, but with a more wildlife-friendly design. These “spikes” are made of durable plastic and gradually form a point. This makes them safer and far less likely to injure birds or bats than the traditional metal spikes.

These spikes come in both white and brown. They can also be used on privacy fences, and the color options make them simple to match. We are especially fond of these for eaves on your roof. Each set includes 10 strips that are close to 19.5 inches long.

This set of safe bat deterrents installs tool-free with Velcro adhesive tape. Just clean the surface and adhere each strip firmly once the area is dry. If you live in a location with a high bat population and have several eaves or spots on your roof bats can rest on, we love these wildlife-friendly spikes.

How to Keep Bats Away from My House

You’ll want to consider two main points when you need to keep bats out of your house: points of entry, and a bat’s food source. Bats mainly fly at night when they come out on feed on insects and bugs. If they need a place to rest, and your home has an open chimney with no grate to cover the top, for example, you run the risk of letting bats into your home.

Do a thorough check around your home for any potential places a bat could enter. Make sure all windows and doors have screens and consider spots out of ground-level eyeshot. This includes eaves, holes near your roof, windows or gaps they could enter through your attic, and, of course, your chimney if you have one.

Reducing the number of insects around your home is the next vital step. One of our favorite ways to keep bug away is by replacing your outdoor light bulbs with yellow lights. These will attract fewer bugs than traditional lights.


Bats are vital to the ecosystem, as they help pollinate some types of plants and help control insect populations. So, using wildlife-friendly methods to keep bats out of your home are an excellent idea. Killing bats outside is by no means necessary.

Bats can carry rabies, so you’ll want to keep them out of your house and away from your pets. We love these eco-friendly bat deterrents, and some are affordable enough to try combining with other methods. Double them up if you need extra protection against bats in your home. With these methods, the bats can fly off to other areas to feast on insects, while steering clear of your house.