Moles can cause severe property damage to your yards with their tunnels and can scrape away dirt from plants’ roots as they’re digging.
Calling a professional to take care of an active mole problem is the best option.

The Mole Yard Removal

While moles are not necessarily dangerous to humans, they have the ability to cause significant damage to property and landscaping. Moles are tunneling mammals; their voracious digging can ruin lawns and destroy root systems. We have rounded up some of the best products for getting rid of moles, including some additional information that may help you in the eviction of these animals.

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Bonide Products Inc. Mole Max Mole and Vole Repellent


  • Long-lasting granules
  • Safe for use around family and household pets
  • Deters animals other than moles
  • One bag covers a large range
  • Effectively keeps moles away


  • Cannot be used indoors
  • Moles may come back if you do not reapply
  • May be more expensive than other options


The Mole Max granules are highly effective in deterring moles as well as other small rodents away from your home and yard. The product is extremely easy to use and apply, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up exterminated rodents. Safe to use around your family as well, this product has many benefits that make it the best overall.

Our Review

The Mole Max Mole and Vole Repellent by Bonide Products, Inc. is a granular repellent that lasts up to 3 months. This long-term repellent is designed to ward off moles and voles as well as rabbits, skunks, gophers, and other small, unwanted rodents.

The benefit of this is that you can easily keep away not only the rodents you have seen but the ones that come in and out throughout the day and during the night. A bag of these granules covers up to 5,000 square feet, making it excellent for multiple uses or large properties.

Easy to spread with or without a spreader, anyone can apply this repellent. It also provides a worry-free barrier as it is safe to use around pets and children.

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The Giant Destroyer: The Super Gasser


  • Effective poison eliminates rodents exposed to the gas
  • Easy to light and insert
  • Eliminates the need to dispose of dead animal bodies
  • Gassers burn for a long time to reach the entire tunnel
  • Sells in larger quantities


  • Gas’s smell is strong
  • Can be difficult to locate the most effective holes to place gassers in
  • You most likely need several gassers to complete the job


The Giant Destroyer Super Gassers are highly effective and easy to use. While other traps and poisons need the moles to come to them, this method attacks the whole tunnel, killing anything that is living inside. It is a highly convenient removal measure and also ensures you don’t have to dispose of the moles’ bodies.

Our Review

The Giant Destroyer Company has developed a product called the Super Gasser that is designed to kill moles, gophers, woodchucks, and other small pests. The product works by gassing and quickly killing these rodents right in their burrows or tunnels, which means you don’t have to deal with the remains.
The use of this product is very simple. The gas works through the use of a burning fuse. All you have to do is light the fuse, quickly insert it into the hole, and then cover the hole. The fuse will continue to burn, letting off the poisonous gas throughout the tunnel.

This product comes in 12 packs of 4 each, so it is convenient to use for large infestations or over a period of time. One purchase is likely enough to solve your problem. A gasser will burn for about two minutes, enough to fill a large mole tunnel and eliminate anything living inside.


Deterrent Spray


Liquid Fence Mole Repellent Concentrate


  • Effectively causes moles to vacate due to lack of food
  • Will not harm plants or pets
  • Dries odorless for a more pleasant experience
  • Designed to avoid clogging sprayers and hoses
  • 1 gallon covers up to 40,000 square feet


  • May require multiple applications
  • Full saturation seems to produce the best results


The Giant Destroyer Super Gassers are highly effective and easy to use. While other traps and poisons need the moles to come to them, this method attacks the whole tunnel, killing anything that is living inside. It is a highly convenient removal measure and also ensures you don’t have to dispose of the moles’ bodies.

Our Review

The Liquid Fence Mole Repellent spray takes an approach to mole removal that you might not have thought of. While there are many different pest sprays, this one is formulated to coat the main food sources of moles, such as grubs and earthworms.

Because of the spray, these food sources become uneatable and undesirable to the moles. When there is no more food left for the moles to eat, their instincts tell them to move on. A lack of food will make sure the moles leave your yard to find their next meal elsewhere.

Specially developed to be non-gelling and non-clogging, you can use this concentrate in your sprayer or your hose without getting stopped up. This relieves frustration and makes your job much easier. Also, the formula is harmless to plants and animals. Your pets and gardens will be safe while you use this product.


Non-Toxic Repellent


Nature’s Mace Mole and Vole Repellent


  • 1 gallon treats 100,000 square feet plus
  • All-natural ingredients are safe for loved ones
  • Effective formula repels moles and voles quickly
  • Will not damage lawns or plants if mixed properly
  • Works well as a perimeter after moles leave the area


  • May be more costly than other options
  • If the mixture is too strong, the lawn can be “burned”
  • Moles will simply move a few feet over if you don’t fully cover the lawn


Many products on the market for pest control contain harmful ingredients that are concerning to parents, grandparents, and pet owners. Nature’s Mace developed this product to be completely natural and non-toxic to people and pets, while not sacrificing the effectiveness of its product.

Our Review

Non-toxic options are very important to some users due to the presence of small children or pets. Developed by professional exterminators, Nature’s Mace Mole and Vole Repellent is a product that contains all the commercial strength as other repellents while using a blend of natural, organic ingredients such as castor oil.

The formula is highly effective but also non-toxic, which is a huge relief for those of you concerned about your children or household animals. At the same time, it works quickly by penetrating the ground to reach deep into the moles’ tunnels.

Nature’s Mace is so confident that their repellent works that they even offer a money back guarantee.

Additional Tips & Advice

Learning about products and methods of extermination is certainly an important step in the removal of pests. However, we feel it is also important that you learn more about the animals themselves. Sometimes it can be helpful to know more about the animal’s behaviors and habits before you try to get rid of them. Read on for some additional information and tips.

About Moles

Moles are very interesting and unique mammals. They spend the majority of their lives underground, they are always digging, creating tunnels, and searching for food. They have a bad reputation for ruining landscapes, gardens, and lawns. The effects of their digging can be severe damage.

Moles are usually anywhere from 4 to 11 inches long. They can live in the wild from 3 to 6 years. It is pretty easy to identify a mole from its physical features. They boast brown or grey fur on a cylindrical body that holds a short tail. Their eyes are so tiny that their fur and ears typically hide them. Perhaps their most distinguishing feature is their large front feet that they use for their intensive digging.

More on Digging

We have already established that moles love to dig, mainly for their food. Their digging habits can be very disruptive to properties, and so knowing a little bit about these habits can be helpful.

Because of their excessive digging, a mole’s tunnel can extend to great lengths. These habitats are often made up of a series of tunnels with several entrances and lots of twists and turns. For this reason, it can be hard to tell what holes to attack in your extermination attempts.

Keeping that in mind, try not to get frustrated when your first gasser or tunnel traps don’t work. It can take some finesse to achieve the results you are looking for, and their complex tunnel systems are the reason.

Another tip to remember is that moles tend to follow human-made edges when they dig their tunnels, i.e., the edges of fences, foundations, and other structures on your property.

Moles are most active after periods of rain. The moisture causes the soil texture to be ideal for their digging, so it may help you to plan your extermination efforts around the weather.

Mole Damage

Some sure signs that you may have a mole problem include things like molehills and mole runs. Molehills are cone-shaped mounds of earth that can be anywhere from 6 to 24 inches around and 2 to 8 inches high. Mole runs look like odd trails of pushed-up soil. These runs are a result of tunneling that moles did close to the surface.
Property owners who see these signs should take action quickly before moles cause significant damage to the foundation of their property.

Eliminating the Moles

Any kind of pest infestation can be frustrating, but there are many products—like the ones listed above—that can significantly help eradicate the issue. Whether you choose a trap, spray, gas, or other options, we have given you the best of the best to suit your needs.