Evaluating the Best Gopher Bait

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Having gophers in your yard can also turn your flowers and trees into food for those gophers, destroying your yard.
When it comes to gophers, prevention is always the best step you can take.

Evaluating the Best Gopher Bait

Gophers can wreak havoc on your garden and other plant life on your property. Using a gopher bait as part of your trapping plan can speed up the process of controlling the gopher population in your space.

It is important that you make the right choice to deal with gophers effectively. We have scoured the available products to simplify this process for you. Here are three of the best gopher bait options.

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JT Eaton 276 Answer Pocket Gopher Bait Block


  • Easy to place under the house or in gopher tunnels
  • Moisture resistant, so you can use in all types of weather
  • You can combine with traps and poisons
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Sold only West of the Mississippi
  • Some gophers might avoid this bait
  • This bait may be more expense than other bait options


JT Eaton 276 Answer Pocket Gopher Bait Block works to eliminate burrowing gophers quickly due to its anticoagulant action.

Our Review

The JT Eaton 276 Answer Pocket Gopher Bait Block uses a first-generation bait with the active ingredient of diphacinone, which wipes out smaller rodents and pests within days of eating. The bait attracts gophers so that they want to come and eat it. The bait package contains four bars, 1” x 1” x 4”, which can be cut into smaller pieces from each bar, making it easy to place. Locate the gopher tunnels on your property and place the piece(s) inside for the gophers to eat. Wear gloves when handling the bricks to ensure optimal safety.

Due to the brick form, you can use this bait indoors as well. Place in your garage, attic, basement, or other indoor areas where gophers are a problem. The bait is even ideal for wet environments because it resists moisture and will not degrade if it becomes wet.


Runner Up


Bonide Products Inc Mole and Gopher Killer


  • This product will not harm your garden vegetables
  • This bait appears to be as effective as strychnine
  • This bait works in clay soil
  • You can use this bait with most live traps
  • The product is easy to place in gopher tunnels


  • You might have to reapply the product frequently


Bonide Products Inc Mole and Gopher Killer only requires a small amount to be effective, and it is easy to place.

Our Review

The Bonide Products Inc Mole and Gopher Killer is an economical option. You only need about a teaspoon of this product in each spot for it to be effective. It uses zinc phosphide as the primary ingredient. Place this product directly into an active tunnel or burrow for the gophers to find.

This product has excellent bait acceptance. Gophers gravitate toward it and want to consume this product, resulting in eliminating them. This product is in a cracked corn form. You do not need any special equipment to place this gopher killer. A pair of thick gloves is enough to handle the product safely. Put it right on the soil for the gophers.


Worm Bait


Tomcat Mole Killer Worm Bait


  • You can cut them in half to get more use
  • They are easy to place about three inches into the ground
  • They start working within a few days
  • The usage directions are clear and simple
  • This bait is more effective than live traps


  • Some gophers may ignore them
  • Worms may fall apart after a while
  • Worms may melt in intense heat


Tomcat Mole Killer Worm Bait helps to attract gophers because it closely resembles the food that attracts this animal in the wild.

Our Review

Tomcat Mole Killer Work Bait mimics the earthworms that gophers go after as a food source. This shape helps to ensure a natural attraction to this bait. The worms are ready to use in the package. All you have to do is put on gloves and place the worms around gopher tunnels on your property.

You cannot use this bait for the star-nosed mole in North Carolina. However, they are ideal for other gopher species. You do not have to dig to place these. Use a stick or a screwdriver to create a small hole. Put the worms into the holes for the gophers to find them. These have a strong scent. This scent helps to attract gophers to them.

Information About Gophers

There are 35 different species of this gophers. They inhabit woodland areas, coastal areas, prairies, and mountainous regions. This solitary animal likes soil that is moist and soft because it makes it easier for them to build their comprehensive underground tunnels.

The gophers you find in the United States average about five to 12 inches long. While they spend most of their time in their tunnels, they are active 24 hours a day searching for food and expanding their tunnel network.

Since gophers are usually underground, you may not see a lot of them roaming your property. There are other signs to look for, including:

  • Your plants are disappearing from gophers pulling them underground by the roots
  • You notice mounds of dirt that may indicate a gopher tunnel
  • You notice soft spots on your property that might indicate a gopher tunnel below

Make a note of the signs that you see. This information will help you when it comes time to start placing gopher bait on your property.

Tips for Choosing and Using Gopher Bait

Strychnine was once the most popular gopher bait ingredient, but since this can pose a danger to children and pets, it is not common anymore. Instead, people are looking for ingredients, such as zinc phosphide and diphacinone.

Zinc phosphide works by creating a type of toxic gas in the digestive tract of the gopher. This effect will not result in a secondary poisoning in pets, making this ingredient a safer solution. Diphacinone has anticoagulant capabilities.

It is vital that you look at the product instructions and follow them precisely. Exact usage ensures that the product is effective and that you are using it safely. Make sure to look at the dosage indicated on the product label. Using the wrong amount can reduce the overall efficacy of the product. Always measure out each dose before you place the bait into gopher tunnels and other areas.

The bait should go into the gopher tunnels on your property. To locate the tunnels, look for mounds of dirt. These mounds typically indicate the entrance or exit to a gopher tunnel. Once you find the mounds, use a stick that is approximately 10 inches long to poke into the ground. This method allows you to identify the hollow areas of the tunnels. This area is where you want to put the bait.

Make sure that you know the direction of the tunnel before placement to ensure the gophers find the bait easily. You can also put bait in other areas where you see gophers, such as under your deck or patio.

You want to handle gopher bait safely to protect yourself against accidental exposure. Always wear thick gloves when you are handling the bait. Follow the usage instruction exactly since these instructions help to ensure your safety.

Store your bait in an area where children and pets are not able to access the product. For example, a locked storage pantry. Make sure to follow the storage instructions on the package too. Look on the packaging for any poison control information. This information ensures that you know the signs of accidental ingestion.


Use this information to choose the best gopher bait for your needs. Before using it, look into the wildlife laws in your area to ensure legal use of this type of product. You should also follow the product instructions exactly.