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15 min read| Updated for April, 2023

Ehrlich Pest Control has been in business for nearly 100 years. It was a privately held company until 2006, when it became part of the Rentokil brand. It is a general pest control company, but also offers wildlife removal. Its technicians are knowledgeable and friendly and their wildlife removal covers a variety of animals. Ehrlich services locations in 18 states – mostly in the Northeast and Southeast. It also offers services in Washington, DC. Ehrlich’s list of animal removal isn’t as long as companies who specialize in it, but they are still a reliable choice to help you get rid of unwanted critters.

15 min read| Updated for April, 2023

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4.5 stars
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Our Review

Ehrlich is a large pest control company that is now owned by Rentokil. They have acquired many smaller pest control services to grow their business. So, while they may do animal removal in certain locations, they may not in others. You can call them or have an online chat with them to find out. We chose the online chat option to see what the options are, and the customer service representative ask for the zip code so they could check and see if animal removal was available in our particular location. As far as Ehrlich’s animal removal methods go, you will find their options are humane and fairly comprehensive.

4.5 stars

Ehrlich demonstrates its reliability through its loyal customer base.


Billing and treatment cycles may become problematic when Ehrlich acquires a smaller pest control company.


Overall, Ehrlich is a reliable company with trusted technicians. You will find many reviews from long-standing loyal customers who love the company and the technicians who treat their home. When Ehrlich has acquired smaller pest control companies, there are some customers who have had trouble in switching over from the old company to Ehrlich. They may experience problems with billing or getting on the right treatment cycle. You will also find particular complaints about inadequate treatment. By and large, Ehrlich will respond to online customer complaints and try to rectify the situation.

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4 stars

Ehrlich technicians will use more than one method at a time to get rid of your wildlife problem as quickly as possible.


Because Ehrlich is a pest control service first, the list of animals it will remove from your property isn’t as comprehensive as some other companies.

Features & Services Provided

While Ehrlich is largely considered a pest control service, it does offer a wide variety of wildlife removal options.

  • Bats
  • Chipmunks
  • Gophers
  • Moles
  • Raccoons
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Voles

Informative Website

Ehrlich has a website that is easy to navigate. It’s full of content that not only explains the services it provides, but also has thorough information that will help you identify what type of wildlife you may be dealing with. Ehrlich also provides helpful information about what you can do to get rid of creatures, like moles, on your own and offers other ideas on how to make your property less attractive to wildlife.

Wide Range of Treatment Options

There is no one size fits all method for wildlife removal at Ehrlich. On the company’s website, you will find a page for each animal it removes and the particular steps technicians can take to do it safely.

  • Trapping & Releasing

    • Depending on the animal, the best option may be trapping it and releasing it back into the wild. Technicians will set traps and then check them daily. This method is used mainly if the pest has become a nuisance – like a raccoon tearing up your crawl space. Bats are the only mammal Ehrlich won’t trap and release.
  • Exclusions

    • Technicians will seal cracks, gaps, holes and crevices in your home to keep wildlife out. Closing off entry points keeps animals from getting inside your home and makes them less likely to frequent your property.
  • One-way doors

    • One-way doors will allow the animal to get out of the area where it is calling home, but they will not be able to get back in.

Often, technicians will use one or more of these methods together to ensure they get rid of any wildlife on your property.

4.5 stars

Ehrlich has a loyal customer base, showing they are a reliable company with proven results.


Depending on the location, some customers have encountered problems with billing or technicians not showing up when they are supposed to.

Customer Support & Consumer Reviews

Because Ehrlich is known as a pest control service, most of the reviews online pertain to general pest control. Customers are generally very pleased with the services Ehrlich provides and you will find consistent praise for specific technicians. Overall, they are said to be knowledgeable, professional, thorough and friendly. You will find complaints about technicians not showing up when they are supposed to or billing issues, but they are generally very specific and few and far between.

Ehrlich has long-standing customers, in fact – the company’s first customer, a department store, is still a customer today. You will find specific complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but they all have a response from the company and are either resolved are in the process of being resolved. The company is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating.

A Word About Reviews…

It can be difficult to judge pest control companies using online reviews: negative reviews tend to outnumber positive reviews for all companies. But looking at negative and positive reviews can give consumers some idea of the trends in a company’s performance.

4 stars

Ehrlich does offer price quotes over the phone.


A full inspection has to be scheduled and conducted for you to know the cost of the removal.


Like most pest control services, you won’t find prices on Ehrlich’s website. But you can call for a free quote or fill out a form on their website. You won’t know the true price until a technician comes out to your property, inspects it and determines what animal you are dealing with. A first-time inspection is free.

Depending on the extent of your damage, you may also need to consider construction repairs. So, while Ehrlich can get rid of or remove the wildlife for you – your cost to repair the damage the animal has caused may be more extensive.


Overall, Ehrlich is a well-respected company known for its general pest control services. While it offers wildlife removal, that isn’t the main focus of the company and for that reason, the number of animals they are trained to remove are fewer than some other companies. They do offer multiple ways to remove wildlife and all are done in a humane and safe way.

More Things to Know

  • Ehrlich offers services in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, DC.
  • Ehrlich employs entomologists and an in-house research and development team for continuing education and understanding of the pests they treat.
  • Ehrlich entomologists are available for on-site consultation, if needed.