Best Vole Repellents

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Voles, like other rodents, carry many diseases and external parasites and they breed very quickly.
To keep from having an infestation, take preventative steps against voles.

The Best Vole Repellents

While some homeowners have no problem killing the voles that invade their property, others prefer the more humane method of repelling them, leaving them unharmed but forcing the destructive rodents away from their property. If you prefer this kill-free process, we suggest you take a look at some of the products that we feel work best.

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Ortho Animal B Gon All Purpose Animal Repellent


  • Safe for use around people, pets, and plants
  • Smell deters voles but is not unpleasant for people
  • Convenient shaker container
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Easy to apply


  • Reapplication necessary after rain
  • Should not use on vegetable gardens


This product is a quick and easy defense system against voles. The shaker container makes it simple to spread, while the scent and taste of the granules deter the animals. You can enjoy the scent it gives, even though the voles hate it.

Our Review

The Ortho Animal B Gon All-Purpose Animal Repellent is our favorite deterrent in the form of granules. These little bits smell and taste awful to small rodents, so voles won’t dare to go near the stuff. While the smell may be unpleasant for them, it won’t bother you—this is a “no stink” formula.

The granules come in a convenient container that features two openings: a large semi-circle and a shaker. Both ends give you excellent control and let you spread these granules where they are needed most, such as in your garden or around plants.

This formula was developed to be long-lasting. Reapplication may be necessary, but you shouldn’t have to do so for about 30 days. One container covers a large area.



All Natural Rodent Defense Deterrent and Repellent


  • Effectively repels several small animal species
  • Easy to use
  • Use indoors, outdoors—basically anywhere
  • All-natural ingredients are safe to use
  • Smells bad to pests but good to people


  • Reapplication necessary after rainfall


As far as animal repellent sprays go, this one takes the lead by far. The scent of this spray is very unpleasant towards voles but is nice to humans. You can use it anywhere, and since it’s all-natural, it’s completely safe to use around your home, family, and pets.

Our Review

The All-Natural Rodent Defense Deterrent is a small animal spray designed to repel most smaller pests, like voles. Professional exterminators made this product, so you can be sure that it is highly effective.

Although this spray is very effective at deterring animals, it’s also very safe. Since it’s all-natural, it doesn’t contain any harsh or dangerous chemicals. This product is safe to use without harm, and it doesn’t boast the same rough smell as other sprays.

The best part is that you can use this spray anywhere. Indoors or outdoors, you can create a barrier that keeps voles and other rodents away. Spray this solution around the perimeter of your home, on gutters, around garages, all over trashcans, and anywhere else you see voles and rodents to keep them away.



Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense Vehicle Protection


  • Safe to use directly on wiring, engines, etc.
  • Repels voles without leaving an unpleasant smell
  • All-natural ingredients are safe around people
  • Long-lasting effectiveness
  • Easy to use


  • Higher price point
  • Requires reapplication for continued effectiveness


Any product that can save its buyers thousand in auto repair costs is a friend of ours. We love how easy this spray makes it to defend against animals like voles. It is completely safe to spray directly to wiring and engines and does not leave a lingering unpleasant smell.

Our Review

Small rodents love to get into vehicles, especially during colder months. The Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense Vehicle Protection spray is made specifically for vehicle protection.

This spray is safe to use throughout your entire vehicle. You can spray it directly onto wiring to keep voles away. The spray creates a barrier using a scent that voles and other small animals dislike. This spray can prevent you from spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

An all-natural product, this spray is very safe and harmless to you and your family members. It’s also easy on the environment but remains effective for long-term use.

About Voles

Voles are closely related to mice. Upon first glance, you might even mistake a vole for a mouse. However, they have some defining characteristics that set them apart.

Voles have stouter bodies than mice along with a shorter, hairy tail. Their head is a bit rounder, and their ears and eyes are also smaller. They also have different teeth structures, but that would be very difficult for you to determine.

You can most commonly find voles in North America and Australia. They can grow to be 9 inches long with regards to their specific species, and they tend to grow very quickly. Young voles reach their sexual maturity in just one month when the females can start producing as many as ten litters per year.

The small mammals mainly eat small plants. They can live on virtually any nut, fruit, root, bulb, or vegetable. On occasion, they will eat small dead animals like mice or rats if necessary.

Due to their excellent tunneling skills, a vole will dig extensive burrows throughout its lifespan. Their tunnels serve as protection, but they also allow them to have easy access to roots and bulbs.

Damage & Repellent Tips

While voles have a short lifespan, their excessive reproduction allows them to have as many as 100 babies throughout their life. Because of this, what started as a small problem on your property can quickly escalate. But how much damage could these cute little creatures cause?

The best way to recognize a vole infestation is by the surface runways they create. Voles tunnel close to the surface of the ground, which causes them to leave raised runways across the top of your lawn. This kind of tunneling can be damaging to grass and other vegetation but is a clear sign that voles are present.

As we said earlier, a vole’s diet mainly consists of vegetation. They will eat grass, roots, and stems, ultimately destroying whatever plant they set their eyes on. Their eating habits can be very damaging to fruit and vegetable gardens as well as flower beds.

Consistent gnawing can also damage bark that grows on bushes and trees.


There are many ways to attack a vole problem. Some homeowners choose to trap or exterminate, and others try to prevent and repel. A few preventative measures can help keep voles away, making your job of repelling them easier.

Regular lawn care is a great way to stop voles from settling in. Not only does that lawnmower scare them off above ground, but the vibrations it creates scares them underground too. Voles also depend on longer grass to hide the openings of their tunnels. If you cut your grass frequently, they lose that shelter.

Dense vegetation provides voles with excellent protection. Keep your bushes and shrubs tidy and trimmed, preventing them from growing too thick. If need be, remove larger plants that cover holes.

Since voles tend to tunnel shallow, turning your soil and mulch frequently can discourage the establishment of tunnels. This regular rotation will prevent them from settling in and getting comfortable.

Humanely Repel Voles

Nothing ruins a lawn like an unruly set of crisscross surface runs, and nothing discourages a gardener more than chewed stems and stolen bulbs. Fortunately, the repellents we have talked about in this article are all great choices to suit any property owner’s need to get rid of voles. Use one of these along with some cautionary measures, and you’ll save your lawn and garden.