Best Ultrasonic Bat Repeller

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Bats can find openings between the walls and roof of your home which create easy passageway into your home.
Prevention is always the best step when it comes to keeping out bats.

The Best Ultrasonic Bat Repeller

You may remember from your school years that bats navigate via echolocation. A bat uses echolocation by sending out high-pitched sounds that then come back to help them detect where objects are while they fly in the dark of night. It’s for this reason that ultrasonic devices can be especially useful in repelling bats compared to other animals and pests.

When you confuse their sense of navigation with the high-frequency sounds of an ultrasonic deterrent, you make the area of your home inhospitable for bats to fly around. Below you’ll find our favorite ultrasonic bat repellents on the market right now.

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EHOUSE Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


  • For indoor or covered outdoor use
  • Outstanding user ratings, excellent quality
  • Has a blue nightlight for visibility
  • Two-pack for a broader range
  • Plug in, simple to use
  • No flashing lights


  • Not water resistant
  • Needs electric power source


This two-pack is loved by users and is ideal for those who don’t want flashing lights on an ultrasonic device. We love the outstanding ratings on this unit.

Our Review

We love that the EHOUSE Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is earth-friendly, has the benefits of an ultrasonic device, and also has almost 100 percent five-star ratings. Unlike some models, this unit is designed for indoor use, as well.

While these plug-in ultrasonic devices can be used in extreme temperatures outdoors, they are not water resistant. So, if you use them outside, be sure they’re in a covered area such as under a porch.

The two-pack is ideal for doubling up in problematic bat areas or spreading farther apart for a wider-reaching range. If you have a specific area where bats tend to congregate, using both devices within range of each other offers a more potent deterrent.

These are ideal for those who want the eco-friendly benefits of an ultrasonic device but do not want the flashing LED lights. This makes it a fantastic bat repelling option for individuals with a bat problem who have neighbors nearby, live in apartments or condos, or have epilepsy.


Battery Operated

YOYO GARDEN Animal Repeller


  • Remote control for convenience
  • Also beneficial for dog barking
  • Settings for specific pests
  • Radius covers 2,000 square feet
  • Red and white LED lights for added deterrence


  • Not ideal for some dog owners
  • Takes four C batteries


We love the remote control and the adjustable pest frequency settings of this ultrasonic deterrent. The adjustable settings for frequency are an excellent perk.

Our Review

The YOYO GARDEN Animal Repeller is a remote controlled option ultrasonic pest deterrent. It has infrared sweep, a motion sensor, an intruder alarm setting, and changeable on/off hours. We love the versatility of this device for those who want options or live in regions with extreme weather and would benefit from a remote that can be used from a window.

This device has positive ratings of effectiveness for bats in particular. However, it’s useful for a variety of pests. We especially like that it has specific rodent and pest settings that you can set to specific frequencies. An added bonus is the combination of both red and white LED lights to scare off bats and other rodents. As always, we love the eco-friendly nature of this ultrasonic deterrent.

How to Deter Bats

Bats help the environment in a variety of ways, one of which benefits you directly—by eating up large amounts of insects. So, you don’t want to kill or hurt bats if you have them nearby. However, if you’ve ever had a bat inside your home, you likely felt some anxiety about getting it out and keeping anymore from getting in.

If you own pets and need to let them out at night, you might also worry about rabies if you reside in a highly-populated bat area.

While most bats do not have rabies, they indeed pose the risk of carrying the disease, and a bite from a bat can be vicious. So, doing what you can to keep bats flying away from your yard is a smart idea. The excellent news is that there are some methods to keep bats away safely while still being safe for them and other wildlife.

Methods to Use with Ultrasonic Bat Repellents

As we mentioned, safe ultrasonic bat repellents are among our favorite ways to get rid of bats because of their effectiveness with a bat’s echolocation. However, if you want to be sure these winged creatures avoid your yard and house, there are a few methods you can combine along with an ultrasonic device for maximum success.

Outdoor Lights

Switching your outside lights to yellow outdoor bulbs will attract fewer insects. A lightbulb with a swarm of insects nearby or heading toward it is like a buffet for a bat. So, keeping bugs at bay will give bats less reason to hang around. Using eco-friendly, pet-safe yard sprays for bugs is another way to minimize a bat’s food supply.

If you’re aware of a specific location that bats made a home near or on your house, you can also shine a bright light directly on that spot 24 hours a day until the bats leave. Using an LED light for this purpose will be kinder to your energy bill. Just consider any neighbors nearby if you try this method. Creating light pollution or accidentally shining a bright light in their window likely won’t go over well.


Ultrasonic devices are an earth-friendly, safe way to repel bats and can cost very little for the length of time they remain useful. You can always double up on more than one type of ultrasonic device, or combine one with another wildlife-safe method of deterring bats.

We like using a quality ultrasonic device that plugs in both outside on a porch, as well as using one with a light deterrent out in a yard for dense bat areas. You can then rest easy that the bats will fly off safely to eliminate bugs while keeping clear of your home.