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While bats are unable to scratch or bite their way into your home, some bats can slip through existing holes as small as 1/2 inch.
That’s why when it comes to bats, prevention should always be your first step.

The Best Squirrel Repellent

Squirrels are tenacious pests that not only cause damage but also pose health risks as carriers of many diseases and parasites. However, getting rid of them isn’t always easy or legal. Using an efficient squirrel repellent is your ideal option for avoiding this issue. Not to mention the least expensive solution as well. Fortunately, you have several choices that can help.

Continue reading to learn how to use these products for maximum effectiveness and control.

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CLEANRTH PCS101 Three-Stage ComboSonic Squirrel Repeller


  • Able to set it at the precise level you need with three modes
  • You can use it inside or outside
  • Safe to use
  • Effective for all species of squirrels
  • Set-it-and-forget-it solution


  • More costly than other options
  • Requires a power source


The CLEANRTH PCS101 Three-Stage ComboSonic Squirrel Repeller uses a combination of audible and inaudible sounds to offer a safe solution to getting rid of these pests inside or outside of your home.

Our Review

The CLEANRTH PCS101 Three-Stage ComboSonic Squirrel Repeller offers a safe and a legal way to manage a problem with tree squirrels or other species that have taken up residence on your property. It has three modes, two of which you’ll hear. You can begin with the first one and monitor the activity. The repeller is easy to use with no mess or chemicals.





Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense Spray


  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Deters other pests too
  • Acts on both taste and smell
  • Safe to use around small children
  • Non-toxic in most cases


  • Dissipates quickly
  • Garlic is toxic to cats and dogs


The Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense Spray offers an easy-to-use solution, as long as you don’t have pets.

Our Review

The Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense Spray uses a combination of white pepper, garlic, and aromatic essential oils to deter squirrels and other pests with both smell and taste. While unusual, the mix isn’t overly offensive. Unfortunately, the ingredients are volatile and dissipate fast. That means you’ll have to reapply it often.

Another concern rests with the use of garlic. While not a lot, the ingredient is toxic to pets. And like the Ortho 489910 Animal B Gon All Purpose Animal Repellent, you can’t use it in vegetable gardens. You have to take care when using these types of products because of the risk of drift. Don’t spray them on windy days where it can fall onto unwanted areas.



Exterminators Choice Vehicle Protection


  • Non-offensive smell
  • You can use it wherever you’ve noticed signs of squirrel activity
  • Deters other rodents
  • Sticks to the surfaces on which you apply it
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Must reapply it often


The Exterminators Choice Vehicle Protection is a useful solution for preventing very costly damage that occurs more often than you might think.

Our Review

The Exterminators Choice Vehicle Protection continues identical ingredients as the Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense Spray with the aim to deter squirrels from chewing wires and other components of your car or truck. The essential oils help it to adhere to these surfaces for a long-lasting formula. However, you may need to reapply it after you drive since the heat of the engine will dissipate the ingredients.

All About Squirrels

Squirrels are rodents. They differ from other mammals because of their two prominent incisors that grow their entire lives. That feature makes them so destructive. There are three main groups of these animals. It’s essential to know which type you’re dealing with to find out the best way to control them if you question how to keep squirrels away from the garden.

You likely have seen tree squirrels scampering in the treetops. They include familiar species like red, Eastern gray, and fox squirrels. They are highly visible because they are active during the day. They also are quite bold for such small animals. Likewise, ground squirrels are diurnal too. You may see the holes to their burrows. Flying squirrels are nocturnal and also live in trees

All species are omnivorous and eat a variety of foodstuffs including seeds, insects, and even birds. They are voracious and can consume up to a pound per week. Their activity levels vary with the season. They produce young in the spring and sometimes late summer too. During the fall, they gather acorns and nuts and bury them to tide them over lean times. Some hibernate during the winter.

How Repellents Work

Repellents act by deterring the pests with odors that they won’t like. Often they use aromatic ingredients like peppermint or rosemary. They are offensive to squirrels but won’t bother people or pets. These animals are opportunistic and avoid areas with too many barriers. You’ll find them in several forms such the Exterminators Choice Rodent Defense Spray or Ortho Animal B Gon All Purpose Animal Repellent.

These repellents also contain foul-tasting ingredients for a more direct approach. Exterminators Choice Vehicle Protection, for example, has vinegar and pepper in it. These unexpected tastes will leave a lasting impression for squirrels to not chew on these things.

Other products use audible and inaudible sound such as the CLEANRTH PCS101 Three-Stage ComboSonic Squirrel Repeller. Ultrasonic sounds are above the range which humans can hear. However, they may affect some pets, making them inappropriate in some instances.


Squirrels pose a challenge for homeowners because of their tenacity and destructive nature. The best squirrel repellent allows you to get the situation under control to avoid costly repairs. They also offer a safe and legal way to manage a pest problem with the most affordable method. Your ideal plan of action is to use a combination of products to get the situation under control once and for all.