Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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Squirrels can be found throughout your yard foraging for nuts and fruit everywhere, even if what they find isn’t intended for them.
You can protect your bird feeders by preventing squirrels from reaching them.

The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

One of the simple joys of home ownership is inviting birds into your yard, via a bird feeder. They add life, color, and song. However, if squirrels are eating all the bird feed and terrorizing the birds, the birds will eventually stop coming. A feeder that does not allow squirrels access is the best option.

There are several bird feeders that squirrels cannot access. We scoured the options to find the ones that are most beneficial. Here are four of the best squirrel proof bird feeder options.

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Squirrel Buster Wild Bird Feeder


  • No tools needed to assemble or disassemble
  • Keeps most squirrels away
  • Attracts multiple types of birds
  • Can use any birdseed


  • The perches might not be big enough for larger birds
  • Some seeds might come through the gaps located on the feeder’s bottom


This feeder is weight adjustable, it allows for adequate seed ventilation, and multiple types of birds enjoy using it for feeding.

Our Review

The Squirrel Buster Wild Bird Feeder is one that you can assemble without tools. Make sure that you have a hanging clearance of approximately 18 inches so birds can access the feeder easily.

The feeder materials are chew proof so squirrels cannot gain access to the birdseed. The weight of a squirrel causes the shroud to close automatically so that squirrels cannot grab any birdseed.

Birdseed remains fresh due to the feeder’s seed ventilation system. To control the size of the birds you want to eat the seed you can adjust the weight of the spring mechanism.


Runner Up

Pesky-Pet Squirrel Resistant Easy Feeder


  • Holds a lot of birdseed to reduce how often you need to fill it
  • Multiple types of birds seem to enjoy this feeder
  • Easy to clean
  • Protects the seed from the rain
  • Instructions are easy to follow


  • Smaller squirrels may still be able to access the birdseed


This bird feeder can hold a lot of birdseed, the seed cartridge is removable, and it is easy to monitor how much seed is in the feeder.

Our Review

The Pesky-Pet Squirrel Resistant Easy Feeder can hold up to four pounds of birdseed so you don’t have to refill it frequently. There is a seed cartridge that you can remove. This feature allows you to clean and fill this feeder easily.

Squirrels cannot access or damage this feeder due to it having a wire barrier. The seed containers are clear. This feature allows you to see the seed level easily to determine when you need to add more seed.


Large Volume

Pesky-Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Feeder


  • Accommodates all types of birdseed
  • Attracts most bird types
  • Decorative aesthetic in your yard or garden
  • Durable
  • You can place this feeder just about anywhere in your yard


  • Smaller squirrels may gain access to the birdseed
  • Larger birds might not come to the feeder
  • Condensation may build up inside the feeder


The Pesky-Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Feeder is easy to place just about anywhere in your yard. You can choose to hang this feeder from a tree or mount it onto a pole. You can remove the roof peak to easily clean and fill the feeder. It can accommodate up to eight pounds of birdseed.

Our Review

The perch is sizable so that birds of varying sizes can comfortably stand while getting some birdseed. The weight-activated technology helps to prevent squirrels from accessing the birdseed since they are heavier than birds. Metal makes up the entire bird feeder to ensure that it is durable and able to withstand being outside for long periods.


Suet Feeder

Stokes Select Squirrel-Proof Suet Bird Feeder


  • This feeder can accommodate up to two suet cakes
  • You can easily see the birdseed level so that you know when to refill the feeder
  • This feeder attracts multiple bird types, including songbirds
  • Several birds can eat at the same time since this feeder is big
  • This feeder is easy to refill and work with


  • Some birds may get inside, but not be able to get out
  • Larger birds might not be able to use this feeder
  • This feeder may wound birds once they get inside


This feeder has a large suet cake capacity, a durable metal design, and it makes it easy for small and medium birds to get inside to eat.

Our Review

The Stokes Select Squirrel-Proof Suet Bird Feeder can hold up to two suet cakes, so you will not need to refill the feeder frequently. The roof is weather-proof due to having a powder coating. This coating helps to prevent rusting and corroding in wet weather.

You can add a baffle to this feeder to further protect it against squirrels. This feeder is ideal for birds that are small to medium in size since they get into the cage to eat the seed.

Picking the Right Feeder

The overall shape and design of your chosen feeder are imperative. You want one that squirrels cannot get into. Squirrel-proof feeders often have a wire cage surrounding the birdseed that squirrels cannot fit through. The wire leaves enough space for small birds, but squirrels will not be able to get their bodies through.

You might also consider a thistle or tube feeder to feed your birds without feeding the squirrels. Just make sure that your feeder is one that birds can access. With the thistle and tube types, as long as their beaks can get inside, they can eat the seed. They will also need a place to perch while they are eating.

Placing the Bird Feeder

One of the most important aspects of placing a bird feeder is making sure that there is sufficient clearance. This clearance will ensure that birds have room to perch and eat without obstructions. Ideally, you want to keep the feeder away from areas where there is high squirrel traffic. For example, place the feeder near your porch or patio since the human traffic may help to keep squirrels from coming to this area.

If you hang your feeder from a tree, do not put it close to the trunk of the tree. Place it further toward the end of a limb. However, make sure the limb is strong enough to support the feeder with the weight of birds on it.

If you do not place the feeder in a tree, you are helping to prevent squirrels from accessing it. Ideally, you want to mount your feeder about eight feet from any surface squirrels can jump from, and approximately four feet from the ground. Squirrels have excellent leaping ability, so placing the feeder in a place they cannot jump or climb to is the key.

Pick the Right Food

Both birds and squirrels tend to have similar preferences when it comes to seeds, fruits, and nuts. However, there are a few seed types that squirrels do not care for. Squirrels do not like safflower seeds or thistle seeds, but birds, such as siskins, chickadees, and cardinals enjoy these.

Another way to keep squirrels at bay is to add some spice to your birdseed. For every ten pounds of seed, add approximately one-quarter cup of cayenne pepper. The birds can tolerate the spiciness, but the squirrels cannot.

Distract the Squirrels

There are ways to distract squirrels so that they do not want to get birdseed from your feeder. Consider creating a squirrel feeder somewhere in your yard. Place this away from your bird feeder and any garden areas in your yard.

Provide squirrels with the foods that they enjoy, such as unsalted nuts and corn. You can also add birdseed to the squirrel feeder. When you give them enough food, they will be far less likely to attempt to access your bird feeder.

Place some scare decoys near your bird feeders. Just make sure that the decoys that you choose do not also scare away the birds. This process can take some trial and error to see which ones are the most effective for the squirrels in your area.


Take advantage of this information to stop the birds from eating your birdseed. Before using any squirrel prevention devices or methods, take a look at your local wildlife laws. It is also vital to follow all usage instructions that come with the products.