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Squirrels are messy creatures and will relieve themselves whenever and wherever they are in your attic and their waste can contain parasites and diseases in it.
The best way to prevent squirrels from making a bathroom out of your attic is to take the steps needed to keep them out.

The Best Squirrel Poison

If you’ve experienced a problem with squirrels, you know how destructive they are. Seemingly nothing escapes their damage whether it’s your bird feeder, the wires in your car, or your wooden shed. They also pose additional health risks because of the diseases and parasites they harbor. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that they can carry over 35 conditions either directly or indirectly.

Continue reading to learn more about the best squirrel poison along with the correct and legal way to use these products.

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Farnam Just One Bite II


  • An effective solution
  • Acts quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Holds up well in the elements


  • Toxic to non-targeted birds and mammals


The Farnam Just One Bite II is a useful yet dangerous solution to a rodent problem that carries environmental risks.

Our Review

The Farnam Just One Bite II offers a convenient way to target a rodent problem with packets that minimize your handling of the poison. The active ingredient is bromadiolone, a second-generation anticoagulant. The low concentration belies the fact that it will kill pests with a single dosage. That fact is both an advantage and disadvantage.

The poison will act quickly, yet it poses additional risks. You must follow the label instructions to the letter. You shouldn’t use it near water or sewer systems. It is toxic to other non-targeted animals too including birds, other mammals, and even your pets. It can harm your dog or cat if they eat a rodent that has ingested some of it.



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Poison Gas

Giant Destroyer Gas Killer


  • Less danger of hurting non-targeted animals
  • Less chance of drift or environmental contamination
  • Safer to use around children and pets


  • Ineffective if the pests have a well-established tunnel system
  • Expensive for large infestations


The Giant Destroyer Gas Killer is a useful solution to get rid of ground squirrels.

Our Review

The Giant Destroyer Gas Killer differs from Farnam Just One Bite II and Kaput Ground Squirrel Poison in that it doesn’t contain an anticoagulant. Instead, it has sodium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur among its active ingredients. You use this product by igniting it and placing near the animal’s home. You should cover the entrance so that the smoke can kill the pests by suffocating them. For the best results, you’d have to plug up all the holes at the same time—assuming you can find them.

Squirrel Facts

It’s essential to begin your task of ridding your home of squirrels that you know your enemy. First, it’s essential to know the species of the pest. Different animals have various habits and diet preferences that can influence the methods you use. There are three broad categories that include tree, flying, and ground squirrels.

The species gives you an indication of how to treat the problem and where you should place the poisons. Fortunately, all are omnivorous and not particularly finicky about the foods they eat. They are not as leery as rats about new things in their environment, making the task of getting rid of them easier.

The activity patterns depend on the category of animal and the season. Tree and ground squirrels, for example, are diurnal or active during the day. You’ll likely see these pests even before you notice their damage. Flying squirrels are more elusive because they are nocturnal and tree-dwelling. All species slow down during the winter months.

Telltale Signs of the Presence of Squirrels

You’ll find noticeable signs such as holes in your house or outbuildings. You may see gnawing or scratch marks too. You may discover damage to your garden plants or places where they’ve dug up places to stash food for winter retrieval. They will destroy materials that you may think are impervious to them such as wood and wires.

That’s because of their front teeth, the incisors, continue to grow throughout their short three to five-year lifespan. It’s essential to keep them trim to avoid impairing their ability to eat. You’ll likely see or hear them too since squirrels don’t fear humans to the same degree that other animals will. They may even scold you in your yard if you get too close!

How Poisons Work

Many rodenticides are broad-spectrum despite the varying physiologies of rodents. They are the proverbial double-edged sword. On the positive side, they can also rid your home of other unwanted pests that will increase their value. On the downside, they are more dangerous to use than species-specific products if you’re wondering how to kill squirrels.

There’s a higher risk of harming non-targeted animals including your pets. They act on most mammals and may also hurt humans if you don’t use and dispose of them correctly.

The most common forms include first and second-generation anticoagulant poisons. Both work the same. They cause massive internal bleeding. The difference lies with the quickness of the results.

The former like Kaput Ground Squirrel Poison takes several dosages to kill the pests. The latter such as Farnam Just One Bite II often gets results the first time that the animals ingest them. While effective, it also increases the risks of using them.

What You Need to Know

You must use all poisons as directed on the label. That applies to the pests, application method, and disposal. It’s pointless to use a mouse pesticide on squirrels. Other issues rest with how you apply it.

Sprays pose a risk of drift that can endanger non-targeted animals. You should also avoid using products near waterways or sewer systems. Invertebrates and amphibians are more vulnerable to poisons, making them likely victims if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

The label will also explain how to store and dispose of unused pesticide. Those instructions are equally crucial for you to follow. Of course, it’s also essential to keep these poisons out of the reach of small children or pets. Many products contain ingredients that can entice animals to consume them—including your cat or dog.

Also, it is illegal to use poisons to kill tree squirrels in most jurisdictions in the United States regardless of their game animal status. Some areas allow you to use these products for ground squirrels, especially if they’re destroying your property. Play it safe and contact your extension service or Department of Natural Resources before you act.


Squirrels pose a challenge for homeowners because of the destruction they cause and their tenacity. They are both adaptable and opportunistic which makes them even more difficult to control. The best squirrel poison will give you the edge you need to conquer the problem once and for all as long as you use them as directed.