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One of the most significant dangers known with raccoons is an infection, called roundworm, found in their feces.
Taking steps to prevent raccoons from having access to your home is the best way to avoid contact with their feces and roundworm.

The Best Raccoon Poison

Fortunately, human deaths from rabies are rare these days. Nevertheless, a resident raccoon still presents a threat to your pets and children. They can also cause extensive damage to your home and property. The best raccoon poison handles the problem quickly to restore your peace of mind and keep your yard safe. However, there are several things you need to know before you use these products.

Continue reading to learn how to kill a raccoon legally and safely.

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JT Eaton Apple Bait Block Rodenticide


  • Convenient to use
  • Long term solution
  • Works on other wildlife as well
  • One-year warranty to protect your purchase


  • Toxic to pets and children
  • Environmentally hazardous if it gets into waterways


JT Eaton Apple Bait Block Rodenticide provides an effective solution for dealing with pests that is convenient to use where you’ve seen signs of a raccoon problem.

Our Review

The JT Eaton Apple Bait Block Rodenticide uses the first-generation poison of anticoagulants called diphacinone. It kills pests by causing them to bleed internally. It takes a couple of days to a week for it to work.

The blocks have apple flavor to entice the pests to eat them. The product works on any animal, making it a versatile solution. However, a raccoon has to eat a lot of the bait to kill it because of its larger size.

The 9-pound pail contains 144 one-ounce bait blocks that you can place where you’ve seen signs of raccoon activity. The pail is a tamper evident resealable pail, perfect for storage in basements or garages. JT Eaton has been family owned and operated since 1932 and strive to find new ways to provide their customers with the best and highest quality products as possible.


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Raccoon Facts

Raccoons are formidable pests for several reasons. First, there is their size. These animals weigh up to 25 pounds which gives them the bulk and strength to incur a lot of damage. Second, their manual dexterity allows them to open latches, topple garbage cans, and get into closed containers, unlike many other species. Their front paws resemble human hands with an opposable thumb which gives them an edge.

Finally, raccoons are intelligent, resourceful, and adaptable. They can learn your habits and activity patterns to avoid detection. They can find their own solutions to barriers. And they can respond to the challenges that you pose with changes to your property and outbuildings. Luckily for people, they have a short lifespan of only about two or three years.

Raccoons are opportunistic when it comes to both food and habitat. They are omnivores and can readily adapt to the presence of humans. They are bolder than other nuisance wildlife. Though they are nocturnal, it’s not unusual to see them active during the day if they’ve identified a reliable food source. That makes a product like JT Eaton 277 Pocket Gopher Bait Block an excellent choice.

How to Identify an Issue with Raccoons

The telltale signs of a raccoon issue include damage, whether it’s a hole in your attic or destruction of your garden. There’s nothing subtle about these pests. Their strength gives them the power to cause considerable harm. And the vexing thing about them is that they can evade a lot of measures you may take to try to deter them, making the best raccoon poison necessary.

You may also see other signs such as droppings, scratch marks, or footprints. It’s easy to identify the latter with their distinctive shape and the opposable thumb. You may find trash strewn around or other evidence of their presence. Don’t underestimate their physical abilities. Few things deter a determined raccoon.

Ways to Get Rid of a Raccoon Problem

Your best recourse is prevention. It is the cheapest solution overall. The ideal way to achieve this aim is to make your property inhospitable to raccoons. That means focusing on the things that they need to survive like food, water, and shelter.

Make sure you secure garbage cans with lids they can’t open or keep them in the garage. Rinsing them out frequently will cut down on odors that will entice them. The same precautions apply to water sources which raccoons will seek out and use. Also, make sure to trim excess vegetation near your home or outbuildings that can provide a safe corridor them to travel.

Barriers offer little protection since raccoons can climb over obstacles without trouble. Your best bet is to prevent an infestation or deter them, letting nature take its course. They will avoid habitat that presents too many challenges or obstacles. Use that information to your advantage. If they persist, a product like Sweeney’s S6006-4 Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts offers an effective solution.

Additional Things to Consider

Getting rid of a raccoon isn’t as easy as you may think. The primary reason is the legality of poisoning the animal even for nuisance wildlife. Many states consider them game animals. That means there is a season for taking them along with additional regulations for licensing and permits. If you violate them, you may end up with a fine or worse.

You should begin by contacting your local extension service or state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to find out what you can do legally. In some cases, your only recourse is to hire a professional to get rid of the raccoon. Other areas may give you some rights as a homeowner to take the matter in your own hands. Don’t risk any penalties. A quick phone call or email will go a long way.


Raccoons present a challenge that requires decisive action to avoid the financial and health risks they pose. Sooner rather than later is imperative. Poisons tackle the problem directly with a permanent solution. However, it’s not a simple one.

Laws and regulations dictate what you can do when it comes to whether you can kill a raccoon. The best raccoon poison provides a quick result to give you immediate relief. The peace of mind they offer is priceless.