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Mice breed often and quickly: One female mouse can have up to 5-10 litters per year, meaning a big problem even if a couple mice get into your home.
Prevent a mice infestation by taking the proper precautions.

The Best Mouse Bait

Mice are destructive creatures, and the more you have, the worse the problem becomes. It is imperative to work quickly to eliminate the mice that are taking up residence in your home before they reproduce and grow. This action will create a safer space for your family.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right mouse bait. We took the time to explore the options to simplify this process. Here are three of the best mouse bait options.

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Motomco Rat and Mouse Bait


  • This bait works for mice of all sizes
  • You can mix the pellets with other bait
  • Mice appear to enjoy the pellets
  • You can use this bait outside and inside
  • You only need a small amount for the bait to be effective


  • The pellets are not safe around pets and children


This product is economical, easy to use, and allows you to take care of multiple mice at the same time.

Our Review

Motomco Rat and Mouse Bait contains diphacinone to eliminate mice. This bait comes in pellet form, so it is easy for mice of all sizes to consume the bait. The pellets are economical because you only need to place small amounts for effective mice control.

You can place the pellets anywhere you need to control mice. To put the pellets down, a small shovel or a large spoon is sufficient. You will sprinkle the pellets into small piles in areas where mice are present, such as behind your appliance or along the walls where there is a mouse hole.


Runner Up

Tomcat All Weather Bait


  • You can use this bait in outdoor and indoor environments
  • You can mix this bait with others for optimal effectiveness
  • A small amount of this bait is enough to eliminate mice
  • You can spread the bait easily
  • The bait lasts for a long time


  • This bait can harm children and other animals
  • Some mice resist this bait


This bait resists mold and moisture, it contains food-grade ingredients, and you can spread the bait easily.

Our Review

Tomcat All Weather Bait uses the anticoagulant diphacinone to attract and kill mice when they eat the chunks. You can use the bait in wet environments since it can resist moisture and mold. The bars have individual wrapping so that they remain fresh until you are ready to use them.

The bait has a peanut flavor to ensure optimal bait acceptance. Since this bait is economical, it is an ideal choice for moderate infestations. You can place this bait anywhere in your home to tackle your mice problem. You can also put it outside to kill mice on your property before they can get into your home.


Bait Gel

Tomcat Mouse Bait


  • The gel lasts for about a year when you seal it properly
  • You can mix this gel with other bait types
  • You can place this bait on most trap types
  • You can use the gel inside and outside
  • The bait appears to start working right away


  • Some mice will not respond to the gel
  • The gel may be difficult to dose


This bait comes in a gel form so that it goes down easily, you can use it with traps, and the bait is attractive to mice.

Our Review

Tomcat Mouse Bait comes in a gel form so that it will not drip once you put it into place. The gel requires no mixing, so once you have the bait, you can start using it right away. The gel is in a squeeze bottle so it is easy to use.

The gel is non-toxic, so that you can use this bait around children and pets. Apply this gel to your favorite mouse trap in the designated bait area. This bait is humane, so it is a good choice if you prefer to catch and release mice.

Facts About Mice

Mice are small rodents with rounded ears, a pointed snout, and a long tail. There are more than 30 species that experts know about. Mice that inhabit residential homes are the most common type. They are typically nocturnal. Because of this, unless they leave evidence of their presence, you may not even realize you have mice in your home.

Mice have exceptional smelling and hearing abilities, but their eyesight is very poor. To navigate, they largely rely on their whiskers. They use their whiskers to feel surfaces as they walk, and to sense temperature changes.

Mice are crafty when it comes to building their burrows. They have multiple escape routes and long entrances to help protect themselves should a predator invade their space. Their burrows tend to be clean, and they have a complex organization system. The burrows often have separate places for sleeping, storing food, and using the bathroom.

The average mouse eats up to 20 times daily. Because of this, they typically create their burrows near a food source. This reason is why you often find mice in your kitchen. In the wild, mice live an average of six months due to having so many predators.

Problems Mice Can Cause

Mice can cause some problems in your home. They can chew through bags and containers to eat any food that they can access. They leave their droppings throughout your home giving you more to clean up. Mice may also chew on small objects which can result in damage.

Health concerns are another issue to consider when you have mice in your home. It is possible for the rodents to spread disease via their feces. When the feces dry, breathing in the particles can cause issues. One danger is an allergic reaction to the feces. Other possible health threats include:

Bubonic plague:

This is a contagious disease that can be fatal.


While uncommon, this is a health concern to worry about. This disease can cause fever, fatigue, and muscle pain.


This is a type of food poisoning that can occur as a result of rodent feces contaminating your food.

When you notice mice in your home, it is best to throw away any food that mice could have access too. Clean up all feces as soon as you see them. Wear a face mask and gloves when you are cleaning up the droppings to prevent inhalation.

Eliminating the Mice on Your Property

Once you notice rats in your home, it is essential to go to work to get the rodents out. There are several options to help eliminate the mouse in your house:

  • Set traps to catch mice so that you can swiftly remove them from your home
  • Make sure that the traps have the proper placement so that you are trapping the maximum number of mice
  • Look for the entry points that mice are using to gain access to your home and seal these off so that no more mice can get inside
  • Make sure to use an effective bait so that mice want to get into the traps that you are setting around your home
  • Make sure that you keep your home as clean as possible since poor sanitation is something that mice find attractive
  • Do not just treat the inside of your home, but also the outside since this is where the mice are coming from
  • Look for the food sources that mice are using and eliminate these so that they have nothing to eat
  • After you eliminate all of the mice, keep a few traps in place just in case another one sneaks in


Use this knowledge to ensure that you pick the best mouse bait for your home and property. Before you put the products in use, take a glance at your local wildlife laws to make sure that everything you plan to use is legal. It is also vital to follow all product instructions for proper and safe use.