Best Chipmunk Repellent/Deterrents

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When they find a way into your home, chipmunks can create a huge mess in your attic and cause damages to electrical wires.
Prevention is always the best option to keep chipmunks from damaging your home.

The Best Chipmunk Repellent/Deterrents

A common question from our readers is, “How can I get rid of chipmunks?” They often seek to do so in a humane manner, preferring not to have to deal with disposing of a dead chipmunk, but they also want to take back their yard without continued damage. Below, we’ve provided a list of the three best chipmunk repellents and deterrents, which all prove useful in chasing chipmunks from your home or yard.

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Granule Option

Shake Away Rodent Repellent Granules


  • Chipmunks avoid the granules
  • Only apply twice per week
  • Relies upon predator scent
  • Non-toxic and natural formula is safe for in-home use


  • Need to use the product more frequently in the first two weeks
  • Some customers complained of the package opening during shipping


This is an excellent choice to use in and around your home. It is the best granule option available.

Our Review

If you find yourself asking, “How can I get rid of chipmunks?” you may want to consider this product from Shake Away, which we found to be the best granule option available. The product utilizes coyote urine, which helps to deter chipmunks. When chipmunks smell the product, they become fearful that a predator is near and leave the area. This product should repel chipmunks, not kill them.

The granules are organic and non-toxic, so it is safe for use in your home. We recommend sprinkling it on around the perimeter of your home to prevent chipmunks from entering. If needed, you could also lay the product within the walls of your home. Users will need to arrange the product at least twice a week. Some who had purchased the product indicated the need to do so more frequently.


Ultrasonic Option

Toro 4 Pack Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest Repellent


  • Earth/Green Friendly
  • Chemical Free
  • Also work on other rodents & critters
  • Humane


  • Although solar powered, also requires 1 AA battery
  • Some complaints regarding the robber covers for the on/off switch
  • Sound can be annoying


We like things we can just stick in the ground and walk away from. We especially like this solar powered ultrasonic pest repellent because it also serves as attractive light panels in the night, deterring with both sound and sight.

Our Review

When it comes to chipmunks, you want something that deters them morning, noon and night! The Toro 4 Pack Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest Repellent has the right idea. After only four hours of solar charging, the stakes maintain their usage for 5-7 days, releasing ultrasonic waves and vibrations to scare away these pests. The stakes also feature solar light panel, serving as an additional deterrent to light-shy critters while staying esthetically pleasing.

Toro has extended the rod to 15.3 inches, making it the longest repellent available – going deeper and reaching further to chase away any underground pests – offering more than 7,000 square feet of protected coverage.

The stakes also work to repel moles, voles, groundhogs, mice, and snakes. Use garden spades to achieve hole depth and avoid damage to the stakes.


Scare Owl Option

Gardeneer by Dalen Natural Enemy Scarecrow


  • The tall figure gives a physically-imposing presence
  • There are no chemicals included with this product
  • Realistic, hand-painted design
  • Easy to store indoors when chipmunks are no longer an issue


  • Customers must have a tall pole on which they can mount the figurine
  • The company indicates users may need to move the owl every few days
  • Owl head is not mechanical, it rotates based on the wind


This realistic owl is easy to place in areas that are most prone to chipmunk infestations.

Our Review

Another useful, humane treatment option, the Gardeneer Natural Enemy Scarecrow by Dalen is one of the best chipmunk deterrents available today. This owl figurine measures 18” tall and is hand-painted, providing a realistic and physically-imposing design that can scare chipmunks away. The head of the owl rotates when the wind blows, which also lends to its realism.

This product works best when mounted on top of a tall pole. There is a small hole at the bottom of the figurine, where customers should place sand or water to keep the owl in place. The company notes that users should move the owl every few days, which could make it an inconvenient option for some.

What are Some of the Characteristics of Chipmunks?

Adult chipmunks typically measure approximately six inches long, not including their tail. The rodents are generally light brown, with dark stripes running down their back. Chipmunks tend to weigh around three ounces. You may catch a chipmunk with swollen cheeks, which is a prominent characteristic. They often transport food in their cheeks, which can expand to up to three times the size of their head.

How do Chipmunks Enter the Home?

Chipmunks enter your home the same way as mice and other pests, through small holes in your foundational structure. The rodents are also known to be “talkative.” They tend to make high-pitched squeaking noises, which some say resembles the sound that birds make. It’s quite annoying to hear these sounds coming from your ceilings and walls.

What Makes Chipmunks Dangerous?

Chipmunks are dangerous because, like other rodents and pests, they carry a variety of diseases. When chipmunks run through your home, they can pass infections to your family or pets. Additionally, chipmunks love to chew, and will quickly devour your walls or wires. The front teeth of a chipmunk will continue to grow into adulthood, so the rodent must gnaw out of necessity.

The rodent may appear cute at first glance, but you should be aware of them because they will attack if they feel threatened. They do not typically exhibit aggressive behavior but are not afraid to scratch or bit when threatened. When they do so, they will pass the disease that they carry. This is one of the primary reasons why homeowners should consider using the best chipmunk repellents.

What do Chipmunks Eat?

The pests are often a threat to gardens, feasting on things such as fruits and nuts. This is mainly why the creatures come indoors during the winter. Not only do they seek warmth, but they also come inside looking for food. Not only should homeowners make efforts to get rid of chipmunks, but they should also protect their food by storing it in an airtight container.


Choosing the best chipmunk deterrent depends on your home and the severity of your chipmunk infestation. For instance, one of the most effective solutions is the SparkPod Solar Repeller, which sends vibrations through the ground to scare chipmunks away and prevent them from burrowing. However, this option is best-suited for those yards that receive ample sunlight.

The three deterrents that we’ve listed are all natural, safe, and effective. We recommend that customers use all three chipmunk repellent deterrents that we’ve included. Doing so is not only affordable, but it should also help scare away the rodents and keep them out of your yard. We recommend using our Best Granule Option around the perimeter of your home. Our Best Solar Option is ideal for use throughout the yard. And, users can place our Best Scare Owl anywhere outdoors.