Best Bat Poisons

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Bats prefer to live in large colonies which means if you see one inside your home, there is a good possibility that it is one of many.
The best way to keep bats out of your home is by taking preventative steps.

The Best Bat Poisons

Not only are bats intimidating, but they can also cause significant problems for homeowners or farmers. If you have recently discovered an infestation, you may have spent time researching how to get bats out of your house. Fortunately, we have you covered, as we’ve reviewed dozens of products and came up with a list of the three best bat poisons to help you kill bats in your attic.

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Motomco Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx, 9-Pound


  • Works in 4 to 6 days
  • 9-lb pail
  • Effective for rodent control as well
  • Does not degrade when exposed to moisture


  • Not a “one-bite” poison, bats will need to consume many blocks for full effectiveness
  • Harmful to pets and children


Applied with or without a bait station, these blocks work well to rid your house of bats.

Our Review

MotoTomcat All-Weather Bait contains the active ingredient diphacinone, which is essential when it comes to effectively ridding your home and property of bats. The blocks can be used in a bait station, or you can insert a wire or rod through them to keep them in one place. Additionally, you can cut the blocks into smaller pieces and scatter them in known bat territory for a quick ‘bat snack.’

There are plenty of blocks in this 9-pound bucket, and as always, use gloves when handling bait blocks. The blocks are mold and moisture resistant, but for best efficacy, store unused blocks in its tamper proof container.



Runner Up

JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide


  • Enough bait to ensure you solve your bat problem
  • The container is resealable and tamper-proof
  • The company offers a one-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Blocks contain poison that will kill bats in your attic


  • Harmful to children and pets
  • Ccan only purchase a single bucket; no option to order in bulk
  • Kills bats slowly


JT Eaton produces some of the most effective first-generation bat poison available today.

Our Review

The JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide is similar to the Tomcat option. Two significant differences set the products apart. First and foremost, the JT Eaton product does not come with bait or glue boards. Customers will need to purchase these separately, unlike when they order the Tomcat bait. Secondly, customers cannot buy the JT Eaton bait in bulk.

However, our team found that this product was one of the best bat poisons available. It is a first-generation poison, which means it will kill bats slowly. The bait tastes like peanut butter, which should entice bats to consider it as a viable food source. The bucket of bait weighs four pounds, which should be enough to eliminate a bat infestation.


Small Volume

No products found.

Why are Bats Problematic?

If you discover a bat infestation, you should move quickly to eliminate the problem. Bats are known disease-transmitters. Diseases can spread from bat to bat easily. They also leave diseases behind in their urine. Similarly, bats are immune to conditions that tend to get humans sick. If bats are in your attic, your family could be at risk of:

  • Ebola
  • Rabies
  • SARS
  • MERS
  • Marburg
  • Nipah

Additionally, when a bat is affected with a disease, it may become more aggressive toward humans. This would further put your loved ones in danger. If a bat were to bite or scratch you, there is a significant risk of spreading disease. Choosing one of the best bat poisons is an excellent solution that could prevent direct contact with bats.

What is Bat Poison Spray?

The options that we’ve provided on our list are all bait pellets that bat will consume at their leisure. One of the other options you have is bat poison spray. Bat poison spray, or bat fumigation, occurs when an exterminator sprays a pesticide into the infested area. The poison will kill the bats immediately. Once the poison has worked, the exterminator will enter the area to remove the dead bats.

This is inconvenient for two reasons. One, you and your family must vacate your home for a few days. If you have a barn, you will need to remove all of your animals and find another shelter for them. It tends to take a few days after bat fumigation for you to be able to return to your home. Additionally, these options tend to be quite expensive.

The upside to bat poison spray is that it is incredibly useful. We recommend using this as a measure of last resort. The best bat poisons that we’ve provided should kill the bats throughout a couple of days, if not instantly. The bait contains a formula that attracts the bats. However, if you notice that the edible bait does not work, you may want to consider bat fumigation.

What is the Difference Between First and Second-Generation Poison?

When evaluating the best bat poisons, you’ll find that there are two types available. The first-generation venom contains low-levels of toxins. They will not work if the bats only consume the substance once. However, if the bats eat the bait throughout a couple of days, the poison will slowly kill them. Second-generation bait, on the other hand, acts instantly. Bats will die within minutes.

The best bat poisons work by causing internal bleeding and hemorrhaging within the pest. We should note that second-generation bait is significantly more dangerous to pets and children than first-generation bait. However, if you notice that your pets or children have consumed either bait, you should call Poison Control immediately.

How to Dispose of Dead Bats

Once the bats on your property eat the poison, they will die. If the bats are indoors, you’ll need to get rid of them. We recommend using rubber gloves to do so, as this will prevent the spread of disease. Place the bat into a plastic shopping bag or trash bag. Then, put this bag inside of another bag and spray with a disinfectant solution. Tie the bag and place it in the trash. Also make sure to remove all bat droppings or guano. You should wear a mask if removing substantial quantities of guano


Discovering that you have a bat problem in your home or barn could be incredibly alarming. Calling an exterminator to deal with the problem could result in a hefty expense for which did not prepare. Instead of calling an exterminator to deal with your bat infestation, you should instead look into the three best bat poisons we’ve provided in this article.

No matter if you are looking to kill bats slowly over time or immediately, we’ve provided excellent options from which you can choose. Both first and second-generation bat killers have pros and cons, but both could be worthwhile options to eliminate your bat infestation. By selecting from these best bat poisons, no longer will you have to wonder about how to get bats out of your house.